The Buzz: A young printmaker’s idiosyncratic vision

The Buzz: A young printmaker’s idiosyncratic vision

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 19 September, 2015
An upcoming exhibition called Ens: The Language Of A Printmaker will feature the works of Dhvani Bahl, a young artist. Bahl is a graduate in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. After RISD, Dhvani moved back to Delhi, where she set up an artist printing studio, Flora For Fauna, which focuses mainly on textile printing. Her work revolves around extending the vocabulary of print in myriad ways, from art to design, two-dimensional drawings and prints to its manifestation on the swirl of textile and apparel forms; even sculpture and product design. This exhibition presents the artist’s work in diverse art and design media: drawings, etchings, textile wall art, sarees, apparel; sound and space design also contribute to the experience. It presents unique and limited edition prints, encapsulating varied techniques like traditional art-printmaking processes, serigraphy as well as the more contemporary vocabulary of digital print. The exhibition has been curated and presented by Red Earth and will be on display at Delhi’s Alliance Française from 
24-27 September. 

Autistic prodigy’s works to be exhibited soon

Amrit Khurana is 21 years old and has been an artist for a long time already. As one might expect, the trajectory of her work — from the early nature drawings and portraits to the more recent, mature work — shows an increasing bent towards abstract thought. Khurana is autistic, like the celebrated landscape artist Stephen Wiltshire. And judging by her recent paintings, she is well on her way to a comparable level of artistic prowess. A triple portrait called 3 Models shows three women who appear to be simultaneously young as well as middle-aged, provocative and conservative at the same time. It’s a remarkable work that speaks to our convoluted relationship with ageing, the extent of which can be measured by anyone but ourselves. Insights like these mark Khurana’s latest works. Last month, some of her works were displayed at the Beijing International Art of Autism Exhibit. A forthcoming exhibition, called Art O Sketchomania, will be held at the Open Palm Court Gallery, India International Centre, New Delhi, from 
9-11 October.       


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