‘Job of history is to remind us things can go wrong’


Author and former British Army officer Barney White-Spunner speaks to Bhumika Popli about his new book on Partition and the events in 1947 that led to the historic division of the subcontinent.

12 August, 2017
Walter Benjamin, Frankfurt, India, Nazis, Russia, Jantar Mantar

These were the only words Benjamin wrote about India


German writer Walter Benjamin was interested in many things and many places, but India wasn’t quite among them. Vineet Gill visits the Benjmain Archives in Berlin, looking for an explanation.

5 August, 2017
Tripti Lahiri, Maid in India, Aleph Book Company, India, maids , socio-economic class

Book Review: Madams and Maids: Stories of ugly truths inside our homes

Books By Anshika Ravi

In her debut novel, Tripti Lahiri, through her incisive reportage, lays bare the fault lines of class and social mobility that constitute the characteristics of urban life, writes Anshika Ravi.

29 July, 2017
Jairam Ramesh, Indira Gandhi, Forest Conservation Act, Project Tiger, Congress party, Indira Gandhi: A life in Nature, Simon & Schuster India

Book Review: Indira Gandhi’s political life and her commitment to nature

Books By Chhatrasal

Politician-scholar Jairam Ramesh has authored a book on Indira Gandhi’s lifelong devotion to nature and how it influenced her contributions to forest conservation in India, writes Chhatrasal.

22 July, 2017
biographical books, Dipa Chaudhuri, Om Books International, Marilyn Monroe: The Biography, Donald Spoto, Christina Daniels, Jerry Pinto

Why the star biography is still a fail-safe literary formula


The star biography is always in great demand in the publishing world, with leading authors and journalists now willing to pen down life stories of celebrities, writes Nirmala Govindarajan.

15 July, 2017
Jitendra Jain, schooling, India, competitive school exams, college admissions , Notion Press, Chasing 33%

Book Review: A timely novel on the sorry state of schooling in India

Books By Bulbul Sharma

Jitendra Jain’s Chasing 33%, a novel about a struggling teenager who falls victim to our flawed schooling system, is sobering counterpoint to the hype surround board exams and college admissions in our country.

15 July, 2017
The Lovers, Amitava Kumar, landscape, India, New York City, Lincoln Center

This American Life

Books By Amitava Kumar

In his new novel, The Lovers, author Amitava Kumar has created a literary blend of fiction and reportage, fantasy and history, memory and observation. It recounts the story of a young man from India settling into his role as a student in the United States, as he tries to come to terms with the idea of searching for love in an alien landscape. Presented here is an excerpt.

15 July, 2017
Nate Rabe, The Shah of Chicago, Nate Rabe, Speaking Tree, Yaqub Ali Hassan Shah, Jack King, Pakistani

Book Review: A story of homecoming that pits the ideal against the actual

Books By Bulbul Sharma

Nate Rabe’s new novel, The Shah of Chicago, delves into the life of a wayward immigrant who, after a long emotional and social struggle, comes to terms with his real identity, writes Bulbul Sharma.

1 July, 2017

Book Review: Indian Railways as an engine of social and cultural growth


In his new book, author Arup K. Chatterjee looks at how Indian Railways fostered the growth of the nation’s economy, and inspired artists and filmmakers across generations, writes Navtan Kumar.

24 June, 2017
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