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Book Review: Experiences, encounters and flights of memory in this fine book of essays


Jaipur-based writer Santosh Bakaya, in her new book Flights From My Terrace: The Boy in Yellow Knickers and Other Essays, has penned down her experiences, encounters and flights of memory.

22 April, 2017

Book Review: Humanising the Mahatma in the pages of a graphic novel

Books By Keith Armando Gomes

Tales of Young Gandhi, Janhavi Prasada’s new graphic novel, shifts focus from the public persona of Mahatma Gandhi to his formative years as a student of world politics, writes Keith A. Gomes.

15 April, 2017
Bookstores, Bahrisons Booksellers store, Khan Market, Delhi, Anuj Bahri, Faqir Chand & Sons, e-print

Delhi’s oldest bookstores and the pleasures of the text

Books By Keith Armando Gomes

While bookstores across the city are going broke and shutting down, there are a handful of old establishments trying to hold their own against market forces, writes Keith A. Gomes.

1 April, 2017
Rishi Kapoor, Khullam Khulla, Harper Collins, Meena Iyer, Khel Khel Mein, Raj Kapoor, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Dilip Kumar

Book Review: Personal tales, family gossip and the making of a superstar


Actor Rishi Kapoor gives readers a no-holds-barred access into his personal and family life in his recently published book of memoirs, appropriately titled Khullam Khulla, writes Renée Ranchan.

1 April, 2017
The Last Inning and Beyond, U.D. Choubey, Smriti Rajvardhini, Marshall Publications, Baidyanthpur, Jimmy in Love at Seven

Book Review: ‘Adversity breeds success and is perhaps the best friend in one’s life’


The Last Inning and Beyond is a fictionalised account of the life of the book’s author, U.D. Choubey’s. The story is told by Choubey and her daughter, Smriti Rajvardhini. Jimmy (the character based on Choubey) is interesting in many ways.

25 March, 2017
This Dog Barking, James Farley, Tibetan Buddhism, Richard Wagner, Nicholas C. Grey, U.G. Krishnamurthy, Theosophist Society, Harper Element

Book Review: Spiritual thought becomes grist for new graphic novel

Books By Keith Armando Gomes

Nicholas Grey and James Farley’s graphic novel, This Dog Barking, recounts U.G. Krishnamurthy’s life, its trials, and his revolt against the orthodoxy of spiritualist thought, writes Keith A. Gomes.

11 March, 2017
Book Review of A Place of No Importance, Veena Muthuraman’s new novel, A Place of No Importance, Reinterpreting R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days

Book Review: Reinterpreting Malgudi as a wasteland of urban society

Books By Tanuj Solanki

Veena Muthuraman’s new novel, set in a fictional village, delves into the tradition-versus-modernity conundrum, but fails as whole at capturing the setting’s true character, writes Tanuj Solanki.

25 February, 2017
South Asian poetry, Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature, FOSWAL, outh Asian Literature Festival, C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, SAARC Literature Festival

Festival to celebrate the best of South Asian poetry in Delhi


Around 150 international delegates, authors and poets are expected to participate in the SAARC Literature Festival, a three-day event to be held in Delhi later this month, writes Bhumika Popli.

18 February, 2017

Book Review: Shakespeare’s language grew by borrowing and stealing

Books By Keith Armando Gomes

Philip Gooden’s latest book takes readers on a historical journey into the origins of the English language, which was shaped as much by native speakers as by foreigners, writes Keith A. Gomes.

11 February, 2017

Book Review: Binding all loose ends with a common cultural thread


Author Mark Greif’s new collection of essays, Against Everything, advances a cultural critique of contemporary society, with special focus on music, TV and the Internet, writes Vineet Gill.

11 February, 2017
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