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Cosmic light to illuminate the human soul


Prashant Solomon has been a regular contributor to the Speaking Tree — India’s leading spiritual column which is printed everyday in the editorial section of the Times of India — for the past ten years.

22 October, 2016
Swapna Dutta, Je Jekhane Danriye,  All India Radio, modern Bengali literature, Second Encounter, Bengali culture

‘The translator needs to identify with the original work’


Swapna Dutta has been a writer for several decades now, mostly of children’s books, with more than 50 titles to her name, including several translations.

22 October, 2016

One man’s dream of decoding the silent language of trees

Books By Ankita Chanda

Environmentalist and author Peter Wohlleben offers an anthropocentric analysis of the rich, though fast depleting, flora of our planet in his new book The Hidden Life of Trees, writes Ankita Chanda.

22 October, 2016
Tanuj Solanki, Neon Noon, casual sex, Anne Marie, auto-fiction, autobiographical elements

A novel that doesn’t let go of its reader even after it ends


Tanuj Solanki’s debut novel is a sprawling narrative centred on the age-old themes of love, longing, separation and sexuality. And yet it remains a highly original work of fiction, writes Srija Naskar.

15 October, 2016
Renée Ranchan, Untwine the Wind, To Each With Love, published poet, columnist,  features writer

And thus, the story was born


A columnist and features writer, a published poet and now a published short story writer, Renée Ranchan, is not new to the world of words, but still her new book arrives to the scene with a whisk of freshness. She speaks to Guardian 20 about her collection of stories To Each With Love, her journey as a writer and the process of writing.

8 October, 2016
Renée Ranchan, To Each With Love, Indian life, Diamond Necklace

A series of short stories that leaves us longing for more

Books By Lord Meghnad Desai

Lord Meghnad Desai finds Renée Ranchan’s collection of stories, To Each With Love, amusing, but believes Ranchan’s talent would further come to fore in her next offering in the form of a novel.

8 October, 2016
Bandhan Bank, microfinance firm, banking licence, entrepreneurs, commercial bank

Sweat equity: Bandhan Bank and its rise to prominence

Books By Dipavali Hazra

This book relates the story of Bandhan Bank, which started out as a microfinance firm of limited means and went on to become the first such entity to win a banking licence in India, writes Dipavali Hazra.

8 October, 2016
Kashmiri literature, great moments, Kashmiri writers, Rajatarangini, Shaivism and Sufism

Kashmiri literature and some of its great moments


Kashmiri literature stands out in the world of letters for its celebration of diversity and its unvarying belief in the values of humanism. Akshay Sharma looks at what makes Kashmiri writers unique.

1 October, 2016

Book Review: A graphic take in novel form that celebrates the Fab Four


A new graphic novel on the Beatles brings back the focus on the Fab Four from Liverpool who, with the power of their music, went on to conquer the whole world, writes Anirudh Vohra.

24 September, 2016

Book Review: Timely book that exposes the business of baby-making

Books By Dipavali Hazra

A new book by Pinky Virani takes India’s booming reproductive technology industry as its subject, enlightening readers on the political, biological and social aspects of surrogacy, writes Dipavali Hazra.

17 September, 2016
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