Tarot reading for everyone

Tarot reading for everyone

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 19 January, 2013
Dr. Yoganand shastri & Neera Sareen

Neera Sareen launched her First Tarot Deck in India & abroad out of the series of three Decks Discover Tarot at Lodi–The Garden Restaurant. The Deck was unveiled by Chief Guest, Dr. Yoganand Shastri, Hon'ble Speaker, Delhi Vidhan Sabha.

The Deck is designed as a complete study guide not only for beginners, but also for Tarot lovers and everyone else. With this Deck, Tarot Reading becomes simple and easy. An occultist, wellness coach, spiritual therapist & a holistic healer Neera has been reading tarot for almost 15 years now. "The deck provides a step by step guide for attaining clarity and unleashes a simple understanding of tarot", said Neera.

The guests at the event included fashion designers Pawan Sachdeva, Rimple Narula, Shivali Misra Seth, Mayyur Girotra,  Preeti Ghai, Sagarika Mittal,   and entrepreneurs Shalini Kochhar, Sagar & Surya Suri, fitness expert Sonia Bajaj, and artist Sunayana Malhotra.

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