‘I sort of enjoy feeling like an idiot’

‘I sort of enjoy feeling like an idiot’

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 20 February, 2016

The actor who is the winner of five Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, a Peabody Award, and nine People's Choice Awards, Hugh Laurie, of the highly acclaimed American drama television series House MD. The show follows the brilliant but cranky Doctor House as he leads an elite medical team to solve bizarre illnesses and save lives despite his own constant physical pain.

Doctor Gregory House is played by British actor Hugh Laurie and is the one and only character on global television who everyone across the world loves to hate. This is because he is brilliant - a pure genius and extremely charming in his own fundamentally arrogant and cranky way. Gregory House is considered to be one of the most well written characters.

Speaking on his journey as an actor on House, Hugh said, “I’ve always felt like an amateur. Maybe it’s something to do with not having trained to do this. I’m very aware of the fact that everyone I work with  have trained. They’ve studied, they have sort of been to the mountaintop, and they have read the holy scrolls or… I don’t know what actors do in drama school, but whatever it is, they did it and I didn’t. And they’ve got diplomas on the wall, framed diplomas, and I don’t. That’s probably always led me to feel more like an amateur, more like a sort of unformed… undecided drifter. I enjoy spending time with someone who has mastered something I can’t do — and to watch them do it and learn from them. I sort of enjoy feeling like an idiot.”

On being asked what he likes the character House, “Oh, I’ve always liked him. I’ve always liked House.  I know that he’s not at all times a good man, and I know that in reality I would probably find him infuriating lots of the time.  I find him immensely funny… and I don’t just mean verbally quick.”

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