Platform that helps start ups get online

Platform that helps start ups get online

By Dipavali Hazra | | 6 February, 2016

Taking a cue from the launch of the “start up, stand up” program by the Government of India,, one of the “largest local search engine and business cum news portal of India” found a way to help small and medium businesses get online. By aiding these businesses to create, manage and update their personalized website in a few simple steps and at no initial cost, seeks to lay forth a network of all possible resources and services that can be made available online.

With start ups proliferating in India, which ranks third globally in number of start ups, sensed the need for website-building service to cater to this vast clientele, which needed an online presence to expand its reach.

According to Rahul Jalan, director,, “Companies that are online are expected to grow 45% faster than those who are not. And this program will help companies to keep in touch with their patrons, market their products and services, and eventually grow their business. Moreover, the online tool is so easy to use that one does not need to be a tech expert to create a professional website,” In fact all you need to launch a website is your company name, phone number, address and email id. “By providing this service free for initial 14 days, we want every start-up company to make their presence in the internet world quickly and easily,” Jalan added.

At the end of 14 days, the businesses may maintain their website by selecting a plan (silver, gold, diamond or platinum) as per their requirements. One can choose plans starting for as low as Rs.99 per month. also provides professional premium templates, themes, and a feature of adding new pages, current updates and photo gallery. is a tablet and mobile optimized website with integrated Google maps and contact form. If you already have a website, you can provide its link there for getting better search engine rankings. It will also get an automatic listing in India Online Network’s product and services directory.


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