An online summer camp for your kids

An online summer camp for your kids

By SANSHEY BISWAS | | 13 June, 2015

There was a time, let's say five years ago, when switching on the television and handing the remote over to your kids would have been enough to keep them pacified and out of your hair for the foreseeable future. That tactic is now futile; they will inevitably chuck the remote and rush for the nearest smartphone or tablet in the vicinity, ready to let rip on the latest phone games. Or just watch some fun animated videos. Funtuse is an exciting new solution to that eternal question: how do we keep those damn kids busy? It's a website and app that boasts a huge database of audio and video content, e-books and games. Sure, children will still need to use your phone or tablet to make use of Funtuse, but at least they'll be doing something constructive. And you won't find half your data pack used up after an hour.

The content on Funtuse is designed to exercise and enhance children's abilities in language, creativity and social skills. And there's science-related content available too. For occasional use, there is a free plan that lets you access some content on it, for which you will need to create a free account. A monthly charge of Rs 829 grants you access to all the content available on the website. That's not all, though; Funtuse also provides a provision to access specific content available, catering to any individual kid's specific needs and interests, allowing you to pick and choose the nature of the content. The packages in this segment range from Rs 200 to Rs 400 a month. And Funtuse is also easy to use, accessible on iPads, iPhones, Android devices and web browsers on your laptop or your PC.

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