New social media for the music ‘scene’

New social media for the music ‘scene’

By SANSHEY BISWAS | | 13 June, 2015 is hoping to become the yellow pages for musicians in India's big cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. When an artist signs up on the portal with an e-mail address, they get a profile that event organisers can view. The profile is created by collecting information such as genre, experience and the school they've trained from.

A profile picture, contact details, quick bio, specialisation of any kind...all these little details go into fattening up an individual/band's profile, which organisers looking for artists will find mighty helpful. While filling in the information, we noticed that music was under a drop down field, art category, with only one option — music. Which probably means that artists from other disciplines will also be able to sign up in the future. Along with all the details, you can add the preference for the kind of gigs you'd like to perform at and leave URLs to your social media accounts to help organisers make up their minds.

The website is rolling out its features in stages. Reaching out to artists and creating easy access to them is the first step. The site wants to grow into a position that lets artists not only get hired but also create events and a portal for their fans to engage with and follow them on. The progress is strong with 2,000 registered artists and an aim to increase that number to 10,000 by August this year.

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