Quit searching, start clicking

Quit searching, start clicking

By MIHIKA JINDAL | | 5 September, 2015

How much can you scroll up and down your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts? Or randomly search for content that can keep you engaged over the vast expanse of the internet? People nowadays have far too much time to while away online, and not enough tools to assist them with it. Whiling time turns to wasting time in no time. 

For that purpose, there’s Nothing Cooler, which should most definitely become a bookmark on your browser.  Hundred hours of video content is uploaded on YouTube every 60 seconds, they claim, which means you have abundant things to watch — a cute baby video, a cuter puppy clip, celebrity bloopers, random challenges and so much more. But to sift through all that content is a separate ordeal altogether. This is where Nothing Cooler steps in. They hand-pick nine “kick-ass” videos every day and list them in a neat 3x3 grid for you to pick from, with the sole agenda of amusing, amazing and surprising you. Further, the website archives these videos in case you wish to re-visit them, and also compiles a separate list of its most popular videos. 

The selection varies from obvious choices such as Usain Bolt getting knocked out by a Segway cameraman in Beijing to wacky ones like a man rising to the challenge of attaching an electrode massager to his face, or even a stunning video on Paris that perfectly captures its amazing atmosphere. Beyond that, if you think you have a video that is worth some random stranger’s time on the internet, you can submit it to them; the only condition being that the video should be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. 

With over 1,000 videos already picked, Nothing Cooler is a potential contender for a spot among those first few tabs you open in the morning, or as something you’d want to visit while on an endless wait. 

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