Saregama Classical

Saregama Classical

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 19 September, 2015
Android & iOS app
Last week, Saregama launched their music app focused on Carnatic, Hindustani and fusion music. The app features 50 curated radio stations, featuring 184 artists and 14 kinds of instruments. You can also add tracks and playlists to your offline library to browse through and listen to without maxing out your data plan. The app comes with a free trial for the first seven days, after which you’ll have to buy a subscription (starting at Rs 99 a month) that is valid across four devices. 

Clik Speakers

By Lapcare YO!
Rs 1,499
This clever little speaker, available in pink, blue, yellow and green, fits right in the palm of your hand. Hidden in the speaker grills are power, playback and volume controls. The rubber-like texture allows the three-Watt speaker to grip the surface it’s placed on, while churning out up to three hours of music playback via bluetooth. Once that runs out, it can be charged through the microUSB port that doubles up as an audio input. If that wasn’t all you needed, there’s also a built-in microphone to answer calls.  


iOS app
Clashem is a happy mix of the late Facemash and still-kicking YouTube. The platform pits two five-second videos from two users against each other as others view and rate them. Besides video battles, you can also subscribe to user channels and receive regular updates from them. The top voted videos are curated as staff picks for when you’re just browsing through and are happy to watch random videos. For videos in battle against other, publishers can track progress and stats on the app as well. 

T-Pad WS704Q 

By Pantel Technologies
Rs 5,999
A high resolution 7-inch screen, 1 gig of RAM,  an 8MP rear and 5 MP front camera, 1.3 GHz, quad-core processor, Android Kitkat and dual-3G SIM slots — it’s not a bad deal for a tablet, esepcially considering its price. A bundled physical keyboard that matches the colour of the tablet comes as a freebie, and doubles up as the cover. The glass dominated front of the tablet is fringed at the edge with a metallic strip running around it; the back is plastic, which is robust and easy to maintain. Available for purchase exclusively on, in blue red and grey themes. 

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