‘I make fashion that doesn’t compromise on comfort’

‘I make fashion that doesn’t compromise on comfort’

By SWATI SINGH | | 26 August, 2017
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Himalayan Orchard Pure collection of designer Masaba Gupta at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017.
Fashion designer Masaba Gupta, stands out with her expertise in unconventional prints, quirky trends and vibrant creations. Her designs are known for aesthetically blending modern motifs with traditional patterns. Having found her niche at a very young age (19), the ace designer showcased her first collection at India’s most esteemed fashion platform, Lakme Fashion Week in 2008. Today she is among the most influential and dynamic young fashion icons in India. Speaking to Guardian 20, Gupta opens up about being fearless when it comes to experimentation, her journey so far and her latest collection.

Q. You recently showcased your new collection at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017. Tell us about it.

A. A few months back, we came up with the theme of water. We sat together and discussed on how to bring out the product to life in terms of fashion showcase and clothing. It was a blend of two very different fortes—water, the source of life where everything pure originates from and design which is a lot like that because it too comes from a pure place. Himalayan Orchard Pure was the ideal inspiration for my collection, it has three wonderful flavours —peach, strawberry and apple (apple is my favourite though), which blends in very well with my design philosophy. My designs fit in well and come with a slight edge. My designs this year had a lot of pastel colours and lots of pink. For prints, I chose linear grass prints, pint trees—synonymous to the orchards. The designs also had my madness, the tribal kick which polished the collection. The basic inspiration was Himalayan Orchard Pure, filled with a burst of flavours.

Q. Your designs are known for beautiful prints and motifs. Where do you get the inspiration from?

A. I focus on doing variable clothing lines catering masses as well as classes. Unlike years ago when the masses wanted heavy bridal wear, today’s Indian brides prefer a cost effective option and value for money. This is where I step in, and provide them with affordable, easy to wear and carry, comfortable clothing line. Hence my label is accessible to everyone.

Designer Masaba Gupta.

Q. Your speciality lies with traditional wear. So tell us more about the ideation process.

A. As I said earlier, changing demands for ethic garments motivated me and put my designs up front because they were different. I’ve really been supported by stars like Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Kangana Ranaut and others who took my sarees to next level.

Q.  You were quite young when you started your own label. So how did it happen?

A. My mentor at college, Wendell Rodricks saw my collection and he believed that I was ready to take my step and motivated me to register for LFW. I applied for the same collection that I presented at college. I remember I was in second year of my college then but I’ve liked to do things at the right time, when they work most. Kattran means scarps of fabrics, which I used for my collection and thus made it cost effective. When I saw the response and reaction to my LFW show, I realised that buyers are keen on buying my design. Not giving it another thought, I hit the iron hot and started my label at home.

“Himalayan Orchard Pure was the ideal inspiration for my collection, it has three wonderful flavours —peach, strawberry and apple (apple is my favourite though), which blends in very well with my design philosophy.The designs also had my madness, the tribal kick which polished the collection. ”

Q. What materials do you use in your designs and which one is your

A. Silk is always my first choice. But if you look at the corsets from my latest collection we’ve tried using everything. We tried the crape, the silk, the gotta corset (which was very difficult to crack), basically I used the regular fabric and structured them in a Victorian style.

Q. Any segment in which you want to try your hand or want to experiment?

A. I want to experiment with precious jewelery now.

Q. What are the new designs you are working on currently?

A. Currently my entire focus was on my latest collection inspired by Himalayan Orchard Pure, I was really excited about it. For the next design, you will have to wait to hear from me

Q. How would you define as your fashion mantra?

A. My fashion mantra is all about comfort. My clothes must be fashionable, trendy but cannot compromise on comfort. That is why I believe my designs are a mass favourite because they add a tinge of style, quirk to your outfit but you can still be yourself.

Q.  What according to you is the best part about being a fashion designer?

A. The fact that I am my own boss and you get to sell whatever you put your name on.

Q. Describe yourself in one sentence.

A. Paying attention, in an age of distraction.

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