Dubai-based beauty brand, now in India

Dubai-based beauty brand, now in India

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 6 January, 2018, India’s largest multi-brand beauty platform adds yet another brand to their international portfolio. Huda Kattan, the Dubai-based beauty blogger and make-up pro is one of the world’s most iconic beauty influencers. Her namesake brand Huda Beauty will launch and exclusively be available on from January, 2018.

Huda Kattan who made false eyelashes and contouring a beauty necessity, started out as a beauty blogger in April 2010. Her love for beauty and makeup tutorials and photos of her perfectly contoured lips, cheeks and eyes, made her a blogging sensation almost overnight. Dissatisfied with the style and quality of lashes that were available at that time, Huda started customizing lashes for clients. After receiving several inquiries about her customized lashes and completing her make up studies in Joe Blasco Makeup Artistry School, she finally took the plunge and started her own makeup and eyelash line in 2013!

Huda Kattan’s instagram is truly inspirational to any amateur or expert beauty lover. She differs from other beauty influencers through not doing too many sponsored posts, and showcasing user generated content. Huda Beauty’s secret to success is that not only do they know what’s trending today, but also what will probably trend in the future—which has led to their launch of trendsetting products like the Lip Strobe Metallic Liquid Lipsticks, Lashes, Faux Filter Foundation, Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette, 3D Highlighter Palette, and Liquid Matte Lipsticks.

“If there’s one person who deserves the title ‘beauty mogul’, it’s Huda Kattan! With her social media stardom and her own beauty line that sells by the second, she’s truly a superstar and we are proud to bring her make up onto”, says Falguni Nayar.

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