The Indian feminist designer store

The Indian feminist designer store

By PAYEL MAJUMDAR | | 28 November, 2015
Designer Natasha Lalwani is launching her flagship store in Mumbai for her clothes made for the independent woman.  The designer’s label is a blend of intricate workmanship, fine design, versatility and feminism. The collection includes items that are custom made as well as ready to wear. It is a fusion of both Indian and Western wear, and is targeted at a bold clientele, women who know what they want, and is willing to experiment with her looks.Her collections can be identified by blunt designs, sharp cuts and bright colours coming together to become the go-to look for women who want to break away from the idea of the regular. Lalwani is a Mumbai based designer, who works with all types of fabric to embroider upon – both handmade and machine based.
Visit Natasha Lalwani’s store at Mangal Mahesh building, Khar (W), Mumbai.

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