Food on the go at airports with FooGo

Food on the go at airports with FooGo

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 30 October, 2015
With the advent of festive season comes the time for celebrations, meeting and calling on people you haven’t possibly met for a long time and experimenting with launching new concepts, something Lite Bite Foods is attempting with their airport food delivery app, FooGo . 
With frill-free airlines offering competitive flight prices, Indian love for food has suffered a setback, as it offers only bare minimum synthetic food options on board. Lite Bite Foods with FooGo is trying to bridge this gap between undesirable over-priced food available on flights and lack of options, to ensure you don’t miss your meals and get what you desire on a few taps on your phone. 
The app is currently operational only at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. The usual favourite fast food joint are already on board including Pizza Hut, Fres Co, Asia Seven and KFC. The app is rather simple (considering a hungry mind can be just as efficient). It lets you choose the place(s) you wish to order from, look through the available menu to place your order and promise a prompt delivery, making sure you get your meal at the check-in gate, further enabling you to track your order in real time.
“Food, travel and technology are so intertwined that there’s a need for a simplified product to help people make new dining discoveries or easily find authentic ideas or suggestions. The FooGo app provides us a platform to interact with the consumer tastes and choices by simply allowing customers to skip the queue at the airport restaurants,” said Amit Burman, the Chairman of Lite Bite Foods. 
The customers now are aware in terms of their palette choices and the options available, making it difficult to trap them with unnecessarily expensive choices. With apps like FooGo, the situation becomes simpler, more transparent and takes care of the constant time crunch. “With the advent of social media and the busy lifestyles, the present day travellers are crunched on time and moreover, everyone enjoys a relaxing and sumptuous sit-down meal. We have made sure FooGo is user friendly, besides being a convenient and reliable airport food assistant,” said Rohit Aggarwal, Director, Lite Bite Foods.

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