Gadget Review: As good as new, and cheaper

Gadget Review: As good as new, and cheaper

By SANSHEY BISWAS | | 5 September, 2015
LG 42LM6700ATR | Rs 60,695

The 42” 3D LED television by LG isn’t one you’ll just be able to pick up from the showroom. The one we received for reviewing was sent by Greendust, a company that specialises in refurbished products. The product on offer is a “factory second”, which means it’s been restored to working condition by fixing all manufacturing flaws, and comes with a year of warranty. 

With the Greendust packing, you won’t need to strip off the masking tape and other silly plastic. Just unpack and hook it up to the wi-fi or LAN and it’s ready to play. The supposedly “smart” television has an OS onboard that can be controlled by the bundled air-mouse-like remote. Navigate the cursor like you would using a Wii remote. There is a decent inbuilt browser and a set of apps and shortcuts too. To access 3D content, jump to the 3D World section in the main menu. Put on one of the six 3D glasses included and wait for the video to buffer. The 3D effect this TV has makes the video seem deeper, rather than popping out. To some, it might not be exciting, but personally, I prefer the depth-simulating 3D on a television, because TVs can’t match the pop-out 3D that theatres offer. 

Connectivity features are in plenty, with three USB ports included, out of which one can pump out enough power to run an external HD. You can also use it as a monitor with the VGA or HDMI ports. Connecting it to the internet and firing up the browser means you can play any content on the web. But to buy the product, you need to put your trust in Greendust and not just LG, who’ve done their job of making a sleek and elegant TV with thin bezels and a nice metallic case. In addition to saving considerable money on the product, you also get the same warranty period as a brand new TV and you also get to do your bit in keeping the planet green.

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