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Pak army, chemical weapons, Pashtuns, Pakistan military, independence, Pashtunistan, IDPs

Pak army using chemical weapons against Pashtuns

Investigation By AREEBA FALAK

The Pakistan military has been using its ‘war on terror’ to bombard its restive regions that are seeking independence. Pashtuns are demanding a free Pashtunistan.

15 January, 2017
VAT scam, Trade and Taxes Department, Enforcement Directorate, ED, Value Added Tax

Rs 5,000cr VAT scam waiting to Explode

Investigation By Kundan Jha

The involvement of the staff and touts of Delhi’s Trade and Taxes Department is strongly suspected.

14 January, 2017
Restaurants, service charge, National Restaurant Association of India, Department of Consumer Affairs, government

Restaurants often do not pass on service charge to staff

Investigation By Siddharth Tiwari

Service charge, collected by restaurants is meant for the benefit of employees. However, several restaurants often do not pass on the service charge they collect from their customers to their staff, experts and waiters told The Sunday Guardian.

8 January, 2017
Agusta Westland helicopter deal, CBI, United Progressive Alliance, former Defence Secretary Vijay Singh

CBI blind to key movers of Agusta deal, only chasing small fry


People close to the Congress party leadership, who enjoyed positions of power and played a crucial role in the inking of the Agusta Westland helicopter deal, continue to remain out of the Central Bureau of Investigation’s focus.

31 December, 2016
Army Chief,  Lt General Praveen Bakshi, Lt Gen Bipin Rawat, UPA, Chandragupta Maurya

Men in shadows derailed Bakshi’s chances of becoming Army Chief

Investigation By Shiv Kunal Verma

There is evidence to indicate that the move to supersede Lt General Praveen Bakshi, the senior most Army commander who was seen as the natural contender for the post of Army Chief after the retirement of General Dalbir Singh Suhag, started some months ago, with negative stories about the officer being planted through anonymous letters. Four anonymous letters were floated with vague allegations against Bakshi by “men in shadows”, who succeeded in getting a probe ordered into the charges. Nothing emerged from the investigation. But the fact that an investigation was ordered, was used against him for sidelining Lt Gen Bakshi. Eventually, Lt Gen Bipin Rawat was made the Indian Army Chief.

25 December, 2016
Banapuram Lakshman Rao, launderer, Mahesh Shah, Central Board of Direct Taxes, Hyderabad

Man who declared Rs 10,000 cr is a launderer

Investigation By S. RAMA KRISHNA

L. Rao declared Rs 9,800 cr under IDS in September but failed to pay installments.

10 December, 2016
Atomic energy department, Right to Information, Atomic Research Centre, BARC, DAE

Atomic energy department saw 70 unnatural deaths in eight years


The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre alone saw 38 of its officials die unnaturally, primarily because of accidents, between 1 January 2008 and 1 October 2016.

4 December, 2016
India is close to acquiring the second position in crude steel production if it continues with its current growth rate. The top spot belongs to China and India is behind the world’s second largest steel producer, Japan by just 7.9 million tonne (MT). India overtook the United States last year to become the third largest steel producing country after China and Japan. According to the latest report of World Steel Association (WSA), India’s steel production during January-October 2016 grew by 6.8% to reach 79.

Officials advised PM Modi to ban 85% of India’s currency

Investigation By MADHAV NALAPAT

‘PM raised several queries, especially on the impact on the common man and only when it was conveyed to him that steps were being taken to minimise hardship did he agree to the measure.’

27 November, 2016
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