Kartikeya Sharma

Kartikeya Sharma

Kartikeya Sharma, Managing Director of iTV Network

A renown name around the world, Kartikeya Sharma is a successful media entrepreneur with a degree from Oxford University, as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from King’s College in London. At the moment, he is Founder and Promoter of the iTV Network (Information TV Pvt Ltd).

With his knowledge and constant perseverance, he managed to put himself among the best of all media entrepreneurs and to become one of the most successful people in India. Not only him, but his companies as well are among the best of the best in this line of business. Thanks to him, the iTV Network has become the power brand it is today.

The company owns two highly respected and successful media, NewsX and The Sunday Guardian newspaper, one of the India’s finest weekly newspapers. In 2012, the iTV Group acquired the English news channel, NewsX, and managed to reform it with original content and style which, in turn, brought it the award of the Best English Channel of the Year 2014. The iTV Group also owns India News, a Hindi news channel under which there are three more regional news channels: India News Haryana, India News UP & UK, and India News MP & Chhattisgarh.

Not to be stopped there, Mr Sharma’s iTV Network is also the owner of the Hindi daily newspaper Aaj Samaaj from Delhi, which is published by Good Morning India.

The main reasons for Kartikeya Sharma’s success are refusal to stand still and not move forward, but also the will to constantly create something new and original. Mr Sharma has always done what he felt was right and he should continue to do so because it is obviously working.

Because of his unstoppable ambition, the iTV Network continues to grow and expand their business field. This year, they will launch The Pro Wrestling League in India. The venture is the product of Pro Sportify and the Wrestling Federation of India. It’s important to mention that Pro Sportify is a company owned by Kartikeya Sharma.

By re-introducing wrestling to India and putting the spotlight on it, the players and the league will get the well deserved coverage and recognition. It will give them the much needed exposure and it will maybe encourage others to delve into this sport some time in the future.

Wrestling has a rich and long history in India. Indian wrestles have long competed in Olympic games, starting in 1920 at the Antwerp Games. The country has been especially famous for this sport, having had one of the longest records of individual medals. Besides reviving wrestling, this move will also bring a lot benefits for the country by popularizing it and the league in India, and globally, as well.

The event will last three weeks with teams, made up of 54 wrestlers, who will compete for the main title. The wrestlers come from both India and the rest of the world. The competition will be broadcast in 150 countries worldwide.


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