Norwegian Child Welfare Services, child-confiscation policies, CWS, Oppland county, County Committee, Østre Toten municipality, Valdres
Norway’s child-confiscation policies are disastrous, unjust

In recent past, numerous cases have emerged of children being taken away from their families by the Norwegian Child Welfare Services (CWS) even when there was no evidence of abuse or negligence.

30 September, 2017
digital gaming, Laser Tag, Mr. Fantastic, How I Met Your Mother play, recreational activities , American Television,  Oh My Game
Quit your digital gaming addiction to feel the adrenaline rush with these fun activities

Aren’t you bored of playing Candy Crush on your tinny tiny mobile phones, or playing that old and monotonous Spider Solitaire on your computer screens?

7 October, 2017
child welfare, Child Welfare Committee, Additional Standing Council, Child-rights, socialism,  India
Balance the law with social reality for better child welfare

The issue of child rights and welfare can’t be resolved by giving overriding legislative powers to state institutions. Rather, it’s time we reconsidered the role of the state when it comes to the life of a child.

7 October, 2017


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