This cloud-based app will change the way clothes are designed

This cloud-based app will change the way clothes are designed

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 26 August, 2017

Bringing a revolution in bespoke clothing to India, Bespocut is a techno-commercial business enablement platform, that will change the way designers in India create bespoke clothing.

Aimed at freeing the art and craft of India’s designers and tailors, Bespocut is powered by a cloud based application, that integrates the designers front end with Bespocut’s back end and logistics in such a way that they get access to globally renowned fabrics, trims and accessories with just in time delivery. The fabrics, linings and trims are sourced directly from the best mills in Europe and the UK, with the respective certificate of authenticity for peace of mind of the bespoke entrepreneur and their client. The virtual studio offers over 250 fabrics and a million combinations. The QR coded swatch cards provide each bespoke entrepreneur with an instant connect to the Bespocut supply centers.

Better income levels will lead to better and gainful employment growth, especially in the youth as Bespocut takes away the hassles of investing in and stocking high quality and high cost fabric and having to deal with unscrupulous dealers and traders. Instead, it lets them focus on their clients and craft while providing the best of materials with just a few clicks. The facility is based on fee and subscription model thus is easy to begin business with. It comes along with order taking, measurement storage and a robust CRM system that the business owners can use to track orders, identify repeat customers and make customer management easy.

Due to this model, bespoke entrepreneurs do not have to make investment in stock buying and storing, staff salaries and completely gets rid of a dead stock situation. Losses through theft, pilferage and spoilage too are eliminated. This ensures that break-even is swift and profit is maximized. The aim is to let business owners successfully and ethically launch and develop their labels and brands and turn them in to global powerhouses.


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