Corrupt practices disguised as child-welfare campaigns

Corrupt practices disguised as child-welfare campaigns

By Christopher Booker | | 2 December, 2017
The draconian child-protection laws that many European nations are now adopting are disturbingly similar to what has been going on in Britain for years. A veteran English journalist weighs in.
I have been delighted to see the Sunday Guardian taking up the campaign to expose the horrendous international scandal whereby countless children are today being removed from their families by governments, for what too often turn out to be wholly inadequate and often quite fraudulent reasons.

I first became drawn into this battle as a weekly columnist for the past 27 years on the London Sunday Telegraph. In 2009 I was alerted by readers to the horrifying experiences of two quite different middle-class British families, who had each found themselves plunged into a surreal nightmare, when out of the blue their beloved and happy children were snatched from them by local social workers.

In each case the police had forcibly assisted the social workers to remove the children into the “care” of the state. In one case this was in a school car park and, simply for protesting, the father was locked away in a nearby mental hospital.

In the other case 18 policemen arrived early one morning at a well-ordered family home, which they reduced to chaos. They arrested and removed the husband and wife in front of their screaming seven-year-old daughter, leaving the little girl to be taken away by social workers.

In each case the social workers produced in court the most extraordinary trumped up charges to justify what they had done. At least in one, a judge eventually returned three children to their parents, after finding that there was not a shred of evidence to support the social workers’ claims.

But in the other, after a series of bizarrely one-sided court hearings, a senior judge ordered the little girl to be sent for adoption. Only recently has it emerged that, now she is 16, she has been able to escape to be re-united with her parents, and that while in adoption she was seriously abused and emotionally damaged.

Following my accounts of these horror stories, I was contacted by several experienced experts, including a Member of Parliament, who told me that the two cases I had described were merely the tip of a vast iceberg.

Cases similar to these, they told me, were happening all over the country, on an almost daily basis. Yet this was almost wholly hidden from the public thanks to the virtually impenetrable wall of judicial secrecy which surrounds almost everything which goes on in Britain’s “child protection” system.

Over the next nine years, far more than any other British journalist, I was able to report on literally hundreds more individual cases like these. And the more I came to discover of what was going on behind that wall of secrecy, the more I came to see it as one of the most shocking scandals unfolding in Britain today.

Every year, the number of children being removed from their families like this continues to break all records. The total number of children now in state “care” in the UK is more than 90,000. And the families being thus forcibly torn apart are then plunged into a nightmare underworld, which stands every basic principle of British justice on its head.

The parents find themselves in court ranged up against batteries of lawyers, supposed “psychological experts” and judges who are all on the other side against them. Even the lawyers given by the state to represent the parents themselves normally seem only too eager to side with the social workers in wanting the children to be removed.

The most popular reason now given for removing children from their parents is not that they have been physically abused or neglected, but that they face “the risk of emotional abuse”.

In other words, the social workers do not have to produce any evidence that children have suffered from genuine abuse. They merely have to claim that in their opinion, and that of tame “psychological experts” paid to support them, that there might possibly be a “risk” of the children being emotionally abused sometime in the future.

As shocking as anything, and flatly contradicting a core principle of justice, is the way witnesses are allowed to present the flimsiest of hearsay evidence, or blatantly biased personal opinions, without judges allowing parents to challenge what is being said in any way.

My closest and most heroic ally in the campaign to expose just how cruelly this system has gone off the rails is Ian Josephs, a businessman based in France, now in his eighties, who for more than a decade has been running a website called “Forced Adoption”, a phrase he coined back in 2004.

Over all that time, Josephs has used his legal background to help literally thousands of parents with expert (and free) legal advice. And the way he describes what is being done to the parents and children who fall foul of this utterly dehumanised system is that they are facing “punishment without crime”.

Nothing confirms this more harrowingly than how often we are told that children snatched from loving parents then suffer genuine emotional and physical abuse in state “care”, far more serious than anything alleged against the parents as the excuse for removing them in the first place.

Apart from everything else, this ultra-secretive system is now costing taxpayers many billions of pounds a year, to fund not just the social workers, their tame “expert witnesses” and the thousands of “family lawyers” who work the system, but the even greater number of foster carers, who can be paid up to £100,000 a year or more to “look after” the unhappy children who have been taken from their families.
And lurking behind them is an immense financial racket whereby most of the arrangements for fostering and adoption are now made by a handful of agencies, almost all run by ex-social workers, paying themselves up to £450,000 a year. These have become hugely successful commercial businesses (one a year or two back was sold to a Canadian pension fund for £130 million).

Of course no one can deny that it is right for the state to intervene when there is proper evidence that any child is being abused or neglected by its parents. But what is truly weird about the British system is how often social workers are exposed for having failed to intervene in cases of genuine ill-treatment, while seeming only too quick to pounce on loving families where children have not been harmed.

In other words, the system has become horribly corrupted from the initial high-minded ideals for which it was set up in 1989. And what makes this even more shocking is all the evidence we have come across in recent years of how other countries, including Norway, Holland and the USA, are developing “child protection” systems in many ways disturbingly similar to the one we are so familiar with in Britain .

We are undoubtedly looking here at a very serious evil, which needs to be exposed, challenged and fought with all the skill and determination we can call on. That is why I am so pleased to have seen Suranya Aiyar and her allies, and now The Sunday Guardian, joining a battle for truth, justice and humanity as important as any in the world today.

Christopher Booker is a senior English journalist and author; he was one of the founders of the magazine Private Eye and has been a columnist for The Sunday Telegraph since 1990



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Your absolutely right. Kidnapping children is a global phenomena and the sad part is due to the CORRUPTION children are being taken from good homes for there is no Accountability or Oversight of CPS.

Christopher Booker is absolutely right about Norway. The situation is very bad here and has been for at least 30 years, but has long roots before that. Way ahead of the other Nordic nations, though, is Sweden, where these atrocities carried out against children have been in action and perfected even earlier and even more thoroughly. It is wildly ironic that in the last few years, the odd family under attack of the CPS in Norway has been able to escape to Sweden and have Swedish social workers agree with them that Norway is off the track. It probably spells "childish" jealousy; Sweden has not mended its ways anyway.     It seems somewhat accidental in which countries some publicity about this popular way of running "social work" succeeds in reaching the surface and at what times. I had contact with small organisations as well as single individuals trying to fight the child-removal racket in Britain and the USA in the 1990s.   

I agree totally. Here in Norway this epidemic removal of children from their families for no reason is creating a growing anger against these people working in the departments we call "Barnevernet". They are undereducated, lack empathy, misuse their power and show a sadistic attitude not acceptable. The forces against this is raising all over. Self thinking people have had it with these nazi methods they use to split families.

They copy and paste documents they accuse people of things they have not done . They are taking children by the dozen . One children’s centre had 8 new babies in one week after being taken off thier parents . Mothers crying as they do not know why this has happened . My son and daughter in law are at court for the final hearing of my grandson who was born in May he had an accidental accident and now they are saying it’s deliberate .. They need to be stopped . My grandsons parents love thier son and he needs to be home and not put up for forced adoption . They are also making the couple divorce human rights don’t come into things any more and no one will listen . My son has a past record from20 years ago for child porn and attended the courses did community service and on the register for 5 years ago nothing has occurred since and he was assessed as low risk cannot believe it’s gine this far .. Will no one listen to us really worried that we will all lose our little boy . Social Worker has told mum they have a family lined up. A couple of months in they have wanted that baby from day one .....

They copy and paste documents they accuse people of things they have not done . They are taking children by the dozen . One children’s centre had 8 new babies in one week after being taken off thier parents . Mothers crying as they do not know why this has happened . My son and daughter in law are at court for the final hearing of my grandson who was born in May he had an accidental accident and now they are saying it’s deliberate .. They need to be stopped . My grandsons parents love thier son and he needs to be home and not put up for forced adoption . They are also making the couple divorce human rights don’t come into things any more and no one will listen . My son has a past record from20 years ago for child porn and attended the courses did community service and on the register for 5 years ago nothing has occurred since and he was assessed as low risk cannot believe it’s gine this far .. Will no one listen to us really worried that we will all lose our little boy . Social Worker has told mum they have a family lined up. A couple of months in they have wanted that baby from day one .....

No one who has been involved in child porn should EVER EVER have free access to kids. I can’t believe you are advocating for him.

I would never have believed this if I hadn't experianced it in my own family. My daughter had a long drawn out fight with social services to get her son back home. Thank God she won and the social workers were forced to leave her alone. Then my niece had a visit after a teacher reported her son had a bruise on his penis, there was no bruise and what the F was the teacher doing looking at his penis. We managed to fight the system but not everyone can, not everyone has the skills or access to good legal information. The system is full of lies, all you have to do is follow the money to see what this is really about.

The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP intervene in a Iranian court matter for British-Iranian woman Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe jailed for five years by the Iranian court , he asked to Iranian Gov. for rebuke of the Mrs Zaghari matter so defiantly HM Gov. official Intervene my children case to request to HM court to restart/revoke the proceeding and rescue my children from Birmingham City Council and could save British taxpayer money up to £M..! 1. I take this opportunity to explain about my children case that basically very wrong proceeding. As beloved parents not attended court hearing dated 18 August 2015 because WE WAS NEVER NOTIFIED OF DATE OR TIME OR EVEN THAT WHERE TO TAKE PLACE. We assert our children were taken unlawfully and therefore WE SHOULD BE GIVEN PROPER HEARING AT WHICH WE should be allowed to put our case and hopefully recover our children the moment Birmingham family court are in breach of HR Act 1998 Art 6 stout ECHR 1950 Art 6. 2. Birmingham family court HHJ Plunkett was extremely unhappy with Birmingham City Council Activities, the Judge well analyzed since 18 August 2015 and dismissed the case on 8th January 2016 to immediately children return to father from this very clear HHJ Plunkett judgment that no harm will happen if the children meet their parents instead the children will be happy to see their parents even after six months but the BCC did not obey the Judgment , they were re – allocated to HHJ Evans –Gordon just within a week contacted final hearing and she make unjustly placement order and care order. 3. Royal court of Justice UK Lady Justice Black found erred in the law to the care/placement order. Therefore, on 17-8-2016 Black LJ granted permission to my husband to appeal. 4. Birmingham City Council offer some money to my husband lawyer and the children father’s lawyer contrary his instruction and told to court the father agreed council care. Therefore, the appeal court judge dismissed his appeal I and my husband NEVER agreed to the care order or the fact finding but barrister acted contrary to instructions in agreeing to both, If we accepted care order why we are appeal to RCJ? And very long time waiting his represent in my children case? Why he attend the RCJ two time only the reason he went RCJ that our children return to our best care. 5. However first time the Judge wrong in the law, how could be second time the same Judge wrong in the law. Therefore, the HHJ Evan Gordon acts for Council's agent not for the law. 6. My children very clearly exposed to their wish that always living with birth parents my children request to council return to parents but council deny. Again my son request to council at least talk with parents over the phone but 2 year council refused to children request. Its serious consequences the children psychological wellbeing and long term social emotional and behaviors development even children father (Mr. Yusuff). On 29 February 2016 applied section 26 adoption and children act 2002 contact order in Birmingham family court but who just on week see the case and unjustly passed care/placement order on first prosecuting to the same Hon. Judge Evans-Gordon do not give permission to see my children as per [BCC] Birmingham city council instruction. Its perhaps more serious, the Judge has not ruled on the parents application for a contact order even if our application for rehabilitation were refused the judge failure to deal with our application that our right under Art 8 of the European Convention for the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental freedoms 1950 precluded the court from severing all ties between them and their children. 7. District Judge Timothy Bowles, Immigration Judge Warren Grant and deputy district judge and Recorder Peter Bullock have been removed from judicial office, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) said. Recorder Andrew Maw resigned before the disciplinary process ended. 8. In some human nature, Top level Judges watched pornography in the court and sacked their job but they did not destroyed children /family life but the Judge Evan -Gordon severe damage to my children life /family life for her wrong judgement why not the HM Gov. and MOJ /JCIO sacked her job. 9. My children not a criminal they wish to live with birth parents and also our government of Singapore full support for children must be reunite the birth parents care for children’s healthy life forever, The High Commission of Singapore directly e mail to Birmingham family court in many time but the Evan -Gordon never look in the law just act for council agent , Singapore Gov. email copy attached for your valuable perusal. 10. HR Act 1998 Art 3 breached my children case by the UK-BCC 11. An imminent risk of serious and irreparable damage to my children/ family by the UK Birmingham City Council. Therefore, we are request that our children rescue from UK -BCC and immediately return to us HR act1998 Art 3 enshrines one of the most fundamental values of democratic society. Article 3 of Convention states that No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment/ punishment.  12. My daughter physical and sexual abused in council's school  13. My children 100% attendance, excellent home work report in the school, UK law says the studies are compulsory when the child is five years of age. When my daughter was 3 1/2 years old she was put to full time nursery by us. Everything was going well untill council involved with the children in the school thereafter the council control school activities also started to change. 14. My daughter told to us that on 13 April 2015 and 20 April 2015 social worker and other people forcibly naked my daughter and punched her private part and some bleeding her anus. Therefore, my daughter more feared and refused go to school, the social worker when was visit my house On 20 May 2015 around 03:35pm my daughter identification to SW Mr. Christopher sitting on the chair in UK-Grove school B21 9HB another women stripped my daughter dress than another women punched my child’s anus, trachea and ears with kind of a needles or similar object and also my daughter said that above incident to deferent police officer deferent occasion on 23/4/15 around 02:00PM and 13/5/15 around 05:00PM. But school / council / UK courts did not give Justice to children rather than Our beautiful family has been ripped apart and shattered have been thrown everywhere by the UK-Birmingham city council, Without committing any crime. Our children have lost happiness, laugh, smile in face, our bond, our unity and our lives. It is very hard to digest all these at once being a small children. Its mental torture and ill fate degrading treatment punishment to my innocent children. 15. Indian and Singapore Government request to council that allow children contact to parents by phone but still council deny it this suspected their activity. On 2014 /15 Britain -UK Almost 5,000 children missing disappeared from UK council care The statistics, unveiled under FOI, have been called 'alarming' by NSPCC. The NSPCC -UK said the figures were "hugely concerning" as missing children are at risk of sexual exploitation Ref:  16. UK- BBC TV News says that On 15-9-2017, two young boy put in the bomb in passenger train (tube) at London the boys from UK foster home where an elderly couple served as foster parents for many children over several decades. They have been honoured by The Queen Elizabeth II UK for their work on behalf of children. Foster carrier is a paid worker. They just submit reports as how the UK council wants. They do not care about children future they want just money. Could you please aware of the boys make bomb in the foster home in UK until that what the foster doing. Is this how the foster looking after the children in the UK? 17. UK somerset country council removed 4yrs old boy namely Jonas Staden from the birth parents and admitted in foster home in good health than the boy died on 24 November 2013 in foster care, boy family asked UK police to make enquiry, police says no evidence and closed the case, the boy’s family lost their loving child, no one can return this boy. 18. The horrific story of ‘Becky’14 yrs old girl is highlighted in a UK-BBC television programme presented by Fiona Bruce which reveals how she was sexually abused by 25 men over two years – despite being known to social services and having been placed on the Child Protection Register. Even when she was put in a children’s home – six months after her earliest allegations of abuse -staff allowed her to be used as a prostitute for fear their intervention might infringe her human rights. If the “UK-social services” cannot prevent a young girl in their care from working as a prostitute then surely they cannot prevent other young children . 19 UK Birmingham council report said that my son eyes colour and his eyes never really looked very bright and also he has dark circles under his eyes appear blood shot its very clearly set out my son do not sleep well and also crying a lot every day. Emotionally it’s very danger for his health and possibly leads to mental disorder. In our best care my son was healthy, clear eyes and pleasant face. When my best care Children hospital Doctor letter indicated that my son is pleasant boy, eye tested report says fine. Then how could be the Birmingham council report says that my son eyes have dark circle and blood shot? Because of the negligent in the foster care and UK council /foster carrier is torturing our children mentally/physically. 20. HM Government UK children act 1989 volume 2 cares Planning, Placement and Case Review March 2010 Page 139 said that they looked after children have clinical mental health disorder. The impact of the experiences of a child before she/he starts to be looked after can often have a negative impact on the child’s emotional development, and is frequently reflected in his/her behavior in their placement, schools and other settings. Emotional and behavioural difficulties may be a trigger for a child entering council custody. Emotional and behavioral problems, often arising from stressful life event new evidence from neuro science 32 provides clearer evidence of the link between early abuse and neglect and brain development, including the development of social and emotional skills.  21. The OFSTED report UK on 23rd May 2014 said that Birmingham City Council children service overall inadequate, Locked after children and young people has historically been poor and inconsistent. Some Social Worker do not always listen to what children and young people say. Furthermore in their statutory review, children feel that they are being talked about and not consulted or involved, and that their opinions are not considered as important. Looked after children do not achieve well in education.  22. On 18-8-15 Suddenly BCC Social worker cruelly dragged out my loving children who were screaming and crying without their wishes. when my wife was 23 weeks pregnant We were feeding the children and the social worker didn't give any sympathy and dragged our children by their hands in front of eyes. I do not know how long my children were crying and about their current condition would really have a serious impact in my son's health issue because he is treated specially for kidney /nutrition gastroenterology. These medical complications have been notified to the SW but the so called professional didn't even take any notice of it. Since two years not allow see birth parents even children not allow to telephone contact to birth family its indubitably serious psychological brain damage to my children, BCC report said that ''Therapeutic and Emotional Support Service (TESS) declined to work with my children's emotional wellbeing'' its clearly showing that the TESS cannot solve my children's emotional behaviors and they very well aware of that my children need parent’s love and care. Because children are more attached to the birth parent. 23. Social Services have a legal obligation to place children with relatives where possible if they have removed them from parents. It is the responsibility of the local authorities to make enquiries to see if relatives are available to receive such children. 24. We are Introduce two alternative care to proceeding both are highly educated government employed and family attachments person but BCC deny, it is clearly showing BCC not for children welfare they target only for million child fund collect from the central government of UK and destroyed children’s life  25. The best person to bring up a child is the natural parent. It matters not whether the parent is wise or foolish, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, provided the child's moral and physical health are not in danger. Public authorities cannot improve on nature. Re KD miner 1988 Lord Templeman. 26. I honestly quote the above sentences of lord which proves universal truth that my beloved children were happy while in my care and custody as a natural and biological parents who can reveal or provide the real love for their pleasure as such my 3d child who is under our care is receiving our pleasant and best care in Singapore. 27. Therefore, I respectfully request to your highness to HMTCS/ UKSC/HM Gov. that my case may please be considered officially and urgently under HR act 1998 Art 8 and 6 and 3 and humanitarian grounds by releasing my children from Birmingham city council and hand over to me and prevent further imminent risk of serious and irreparable damage to children /family sir /madam. Yours truly yusuff

These private agencies work for the market. I guess their clients, the prospective foster parents want children who are easy to handle. Then it is not surprising thta agencires fabricate claims and take away children quickly to satisfy their clients. And it is not surprising they are reluctant to take problematic children. At the end we are likely to have white-washed misappropriation of public funds, human trafficking and human torture for the profit of a few. That's why private-public partnership without a draconian and transparent control is a bad idea in this area.

Now we have the false toxicology tests done on thousands of parents this evidence being used to seal tight ss case against a parent..fabricated reports "ive proven mine was" ss paid psychologists /psychiatrists assessments ..judges and sw all having shares in the foster and adoption agencies many owned by ex sw its endless ...thank you for writing this truthful account of Britain's children being trafficked by ss and approved by our state

Yes it is all about making money this is been going on for many years and when is something gong to be done about it to put it right,we have lost our family forever,This is living torture every day.Nowonder there are so many young children and adults suffering with mental illness problems,when you have suffered this kind of evil abuse by the government ,the people that we supposed to trust and the are there for support and help.we were happy once but we cannot get this agony this pain and the thoughts that constantly run through your mind .Nothig will ever be the same how it was meant to be .the love we have the strong bond the smiles that would instantly light up the room.God only knows how much we miss them it has left un-repairable damage forever

I can only pray for this to be recongized. As evil,unforgivable,when the damage is already done,we cannot go back in time,the time we have lost or mend broken hearts,but what we can do is stop this evil crime from happening by stopping the miss-use of the section 20.This payed criminals need to be punished for what they have done.

I agree that the brutal destruction of families that have taken place cannot ever be undone. But many, many of the children abducted by CPS agencies and still in care or forcibly adopted away CAN be returned to their families. It is NOT so that they have all forgotten about their own families and do not care.

I am begging for information where, as a mother, I am looking for help, a social guardian under a fictitious reason shelves a child from the house, the judge, despite evidence, accused me of guilty faults ... my daughter was awarded to my father who sought us how little she had a few months and two years did not give a sign of life, now prevents contacts ...

BillyJoe stevens of surrey born 16.09.2012 at the royal surrey hospital in Guildford was taken illegally and the adoption is a complete sham!! This has to stop we have got to stand together there is strength in numbers

Does anyone know where sinead and James kelly are forcefully adopted on false evidence by eailing council? email me on

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