Beyond Designs unveils new collection

Beyond Designs unveils new collection

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 17 February, 2018

A name that spells luxury and unmatched aesthetics, Beyond Designs is all ready to flood your homes with an array of statement designs. Sleek cabinets, comforting sofas, eccentric chairs and an elegant round table, the complete melange boasts of unorthodox styles and use of playful colors. Each piece has been designed keeping in mind the conventionally modern mind set of today’s customer. The vivid collection is a seamless blend of contemporary lines with bits of Indian inspirations. 

The unique design of each creation suggests thoughtful craftsmanship, hence making the entire collection stand apart. The use of colors like beige, electric blue and black and white assures a lasting appeal. The trendy and sleek cabinet in leather and brass will enhance the look of your contemporary living room. The brass round table incorporated with a stone top will team well with your accent chairs. The high gloss finish blue chair immersed in Victorian inspirations will definitely make a statement in your bedroom. And the welcoming sofa tinted with a neutral palette will scatter serenity all over.

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