A quick guide on taking care of your skin this Holi

A quick guide on taking care of your skin this Holi

By BHUMIKA POPLI | | 19 March, 2016

Come Holi and you begin devouring gujiyas, your usual FM starts playing holi songs and you see the colony kids running with water balloons in their hands. The atmosphere is quite joyous and you are all set to drench in the festivities of this fabulous day. In other words you start dancing to Holi tunes.

Yes, it is Holi and you are just ready to immerse yourself in the spirit of this bright day and before you know it Bam! You are soaked in colourful water shed by water balloons or you find your skin akin to a painter’s canvas with all the bright shades stuck on your skin. But something terrible happens to your skin after the festivities have dried down. You feel certain rashes on it or there is much dandruff the next day. That’s why we recommend you going through this article to avoid any such mishaps. You should definitely not ruin your fun due to such unwanted accidents.

Don’t ditch the old, time-tested ways of grandma’s advices and step into the zone of ultimate skin care ranges. Let’s present before you the ways of taking care of your skin pre and post holi so that you play with full zeal and vigour and don’t spoil your fun.

Beauty expert and entrepreneur Shahnaz Hussain recommends you make your own natural colours this colourful season. She says, “Simmer Tesu flowers in water. Leave overnight. Strain and use the water to play Holi. Tesu flowers leave a yellow colour. The botanical name of Tesu is Butea monosperma. Henna powder can be mixed with gram flour (besan) or maize flour (makki) and used as dry green colour.  Turmeric (haldi) can be used both as dry and wet colour. Turmeric can be mixed with gram flour for dry colour. Or, it can be added to water and boiled. Leave overnight and then use. Boil beetroot in water. This leaves a bright magenta colour. Cool and use the water. Or extract beetroot juice, add a little water and then use it. Peels of red pomegranate (anaar) when boiled in water gives a red colour. Red sandalwood powder can be used both dry and wet colour." The natural colours will keep the rashes and any other skin infections at bay.

“Before Holi you must start with oiling your body in the morning with olive or coconut oil. This will ensure that the colours don’t stick to the skin and also come off easily after the shower.”

You may also use the following skin care products

Nano After-Sun:

A vitamin-enriched formulation, based on advanced Nano technology, provides a surge of moisture and counteracts the harmful effects of sun-exposure. With a gradual skin lightening effect, it is easily absorbed, leaving the skin, soft, smooth, calm and radiant.

Shamoist  Moisture Milk:

Specially reinforced with botanical extracts, it provides a surge of moisture to the skin, relieving dryness and enhancing skin texture. Relieves dryness. Can be mixed with Shabase and applied.

After Holi, the following Shahnaz Husain products will help to remove colours:

Shacleanse Rehydrant Cleanser:

Containing aloe vera and lemon, it removes impurities without disturbing the moisture balance. Keeps the skin soft and restores the desired acid-alkaline balance.

Shadew Lemon-Turmeric Cream:

Ideal for body care too, it provides emollients and protects the skin from the effects of chemicals and exposure to the elements.

Before you merge yourself in the excitement of this day, be gentle on your skin and follow these skin care tips by Gunjan Gaur, Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Cosmetic Clinic. She says, “Pre Holi you must start with oiling your body in the morning with olive or coconut oil. This will ensure that the colors don’t stick to the skin and also come off easily during shower.  Apply a thick layer of sunscreen on your face and body. Steer away from any harsh chemicals. Opt for organic or herbal colors and encourage friends and family to do the same.  Apply a thick layer of vaseline under your nails and on lips as the chemicals in colors will leave the skin dry. Drink plenty of water before going out for playing as the colors contain chemicals that take away moisture from the skin therefore leaving it de-hydrated for the day. Try wearing clothes which cover up the whole of your body to minimize the coverage of direct exposure to Holi colors."

She also tells you how to take care of your skin post Holi. She says, “After you are done with colours and before you take bath, try removing dry colors using a dry cotton cloth or dry hands. Avoid hot water for bathing and settle down for lukewarm water instead.  Do not rub the skin vigorously with soap to wash off colors, since soap, being an alkaline agent, will make your skin itch. Rub a piece of papaya particularly on colored areas of the face and body.  You can soothe your face with a pack. Mash the pulp of a cucumber and mix it with papaya, gram-flour and few drops of olive oil.  Apply it generously all over you face and wash off to reveal a brighter looking face. Also, you can scrub the colors-off your body with this homemade scrub. For this, take 1 tbsp gram flour, 2 tbsp bran, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp sandalwood powder, 1 tbsp fresh cream, 1 tbsp rice flour, and 2 tbsp orange juice along with some poppy seeds and a little turmeric powder. This pack will bid adieu to all Holi colors and leave you all rejuvenated. Holi is also a time of immense damage to your skin and hair. After bath, oil your hair and moisturize your body so the skin revives its moisture and oil.”

Don’t forget to take care of your lustrous hair. Get your hair done in such a way that it remains protected from the harmful colour. Garima Bhandari, Co-founder, GLO the makeup and hairstyling app says, “Make a top or side french braid, the three knot braid, rope braid, knotter top bun or even high or low ponytails to look chic and stylish.”

With these tips and tricks we hope your Holi will be a fabulous one. Enjoy the festivities. Happy Holi.

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There can be quite a renewed excitement over Nicola Tesla's unfinished fight with radiant electricity. This may be the most temporary of solutions and has plenty of negative side effects, including razor burn and rapid regrowth. electric razor for sensitive skin - http://www.thaiall.com/cgi/clicko.pl?20819&electricrazorbest.com/best-electric-razors-2014 razor motorbike Many men're confused while using two types of electric shavers - hopefully this document will help clarify some details. Among the numerous popular brands of razors is Philips, and one of the top-selling units could be the Philips Norelco 7310XL. Shaving is an element of every man's life which is why finding the very best razor seem to be described as a puzzle for some.

This covers not just work related calls as a general rule mobile phones are actually capable of word processing, Excel and Powerpoint. The channels are accessed free of charge over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV (which can be not against the law ' it is 100 percent legal and compliments any streaming devices already owned). Hopefully you read my previous article: The Galaxy S4 the time for future phone. Enter the IP address of your respective router (found inside the manual) inside your webbrowser and Hit Enter. Top wireless extender Samsung BD-C6500 - Samsung claims the BD-C6500 being the worlds fastest Blu-ray Player. my homepage <a href="http://srea.jp/?wifirangeup.com">wifi extenders cnet</a>

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For example, on the subway train, CCTV cameras may let the operator to verify that individuals are clear door before closing them and starting the train. Let us be honest – security cameras, CCTV, zmodo dvr - http://www.nokiazone.ru/nz?rid=94006&link=http://cctvdvrreviews.com or even a hidden camera might not exactly be that cheap. Dvr for cctv What is a bit more essential as opposed to hardware is searching the proper software to run the full DVR security network. This enables a hidden camera and DVR to get placed in a common object like a radio, clock or mirror. If your camera can be separated in the DVR without connecting any wire, the top benefit from your camera can be studied.

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This leaves many individuals without a variety of benefits of eating organic foods, namely more nutrition and much less toxins. At both the month point, I was approximatly 24 levels within the online game. Expiring Whatever hazardous waste disposal means that could be used as part of your locality, what exactly is most important is the place where safe people, plants and animals are by using it. Find the blend of beans that delivers the kind of taste you like. Yes, determined can, but I'm not planning to mislead you by nevertheless sex is going to be the same because it was before. These misunderstandings could cause animosity and can develop a wedge involving both person. beer - http://whois.domenca.com/index.php?action=whois_lookup&btag=654557_69E3E4FEA1C448AD808106B59AF27D39&whois_domain=foodgobad.com/does-weed-go-bad does vodca expire Enduring the Bullying by member of the family and others within the community.

So there are high chances that you receive them just due on the pressure of an salesman or even a salesgirl who's trying to sell CCTV for your requirements when you happen to be in need of merely a thief alarm. To gather more knowledge on IP CCTV or to price up a quote on your business get in touch using the experienced team at Cable Talk, as they could fit IP CCTV. Best home cctv 2016 CCTV Security systems are generally a one of purchase without previous experience about the part of the buyer. Coaxial cable may be the most commonly used form of transmission media in CCTV. The 2600 4 and 4 channel <a href="http://www.nokiazone.ru/nz?rid=94006&link=http://cctvdvrreviews.com">dvr security system software</a> is expandable as much as 2TB the 16 channel is expandable around 4TB.

Course content can vary according towards the university or college providing it, but all BEd graduates receive qualified teacher status (QTS) in addition for their degree. Course content can vary according towards the university or college providing it, but all <a href="http://www.poolsafely.gov/intercept.php?url=http://regalobedrail.com/regalo-bed-rail">bed rails for toddlers reviews</a> graduates receive qualified teacher status (QTS) in addition for their degree. Bed rails for king size mattress Course content can vary according towards the university or college providing it, but all BEd graduates receive qualified teacher status (QTS) in addition for their degree. Course content can vary according towards the university or college providing it, but all BEd graduates receive qualified teacher status (QTS) in addition for their degree. Course content can vary according towards the university or college providing it, but all BEd graduates receive qualified teacher status (QTS) in addition for their degree.


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