Masquerade party raised spirits for 2013

Masquerade party raised spirits for 2013

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 5 January, 2013

Masquerade parties were the theme for most New Year events in Delhi this year. While women got to the streets at night 'dented and painted'; this New Year theme party, hosted by Aman Bhandari, Bindiya Bhandari, and Ambika Suri decided to mask the dissent and drink into the New Year.

The event was hosted in Delhi's posh BARKA MED, which was stylishly decorated for the New Year bash with large masks pasted all over, exclusive dance floor, 20 feet long bar and buffet. In House DJ Saurabh ensured that all the guests grooved to the latest chartbusters till the wee hours. The buffet served items such as Turkish kebab platters, salads, thin crust pizzas, spiced grilled basa fish and many varieties of mezze while the sound system which had been flown in from Spain, did justice to the night.

Aman Bhandari, who was also the host for the night, welcomed his guests with "welcome shots" and masks. He said, "I'm delighted to see the crowd look so happy, especially after so many days of tension around the rape victim's death." Bindiya Bhandari said, "2012 is a salute to the rape victim for the difference she is making in the system and in getting people united against such felon crimes, even after going away from us, we love her and I hope we keep fighting for her rights and many more like her!"

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