A Bimmer that is perfect for every situation

A Bimmer that is perfect for every situation

By SANSHEY BISWAS | | 13 June, 2015

BMW launched the 320d Gran Turismo Sport Line in India last week, at Rs 39,90,000 (Delhi ex-showroom). As the newest member of the Iconic 3 Series, it promises power, and, as a GT, it also provides the space. The 3 Series GT even looks better than the 5 Series if you ask us, with a balanced front and rear. The massive front bonnet has frameless lines emerging from either sides, extend till the front windows, adding a slick look to the exteriors. The front grill blends into the headlight sitting over the air inlets positioned to cool the brake pads. Tiny vents between the wheel arches and the door hinge let the air out. The sleek protrusions next to the vents and stretching across the length of the car create a hint of a shadow on the car's monochrome paintjob. Above the rear lights is a clever spoiler that vanishes into the car's body but pops up again during high speeds. This creates a down force that keeps the rear planted and makes those bumpy rides less annoying while providing more control at the turns.

While its appeal as a good-looking car with respect to the exteriors is no doubt pertinent, the interiors are where the BMW 3 Series GT makes its case as the perfect buy. Being a member of the Sports Line, it's understandable that the interiors come with a generous presence of red and chrome on an all-black interior. The sporty seats in the front make sure the feeling of comfort isn't affected during sharp bends or deceleration on tricky routes. The iDrive Touch Controller in the cockpit provides all the features you'll need, from an infotainment system to changing the ambient light between orange and white. The BMW 3 Series Grand Turismo may just be the companion for those long rides between cities you've been waiting for, with its ability to switch between driving modes with the BMW Driving Experience Control switch. Shuffle between Comfort, ECO PRO, Sport and Sport+, depending on the road ahead without compromising on the exceptional driving experience.

The driving and riding experience in a car isn't always balanced. Often, for a car that drives great, compromises have to be made to the rest of its features. In this case, though, the engineers and designers at BMW have stretched the rear wheels further to the back by elongating the axle, providing more leg room in the back and much more boot space. The shelf panels in the boot can be removed and placed under the floor mat, providing more vertical space in the back. If that weren't enough, collapse the back seats with a push of a button to create enough space to take your mountain bike along on a spontaneous trip to the closest hill station. And if ever you're carrying too many bags from Hermes in your hands, wave the pocket carrying your car keys near the locked boot and it'll magically open to relieve you of your burden. Being part of the Sports Line, even the keys have a red strip and the doors feature entry sills with "BMW Sport" engraved in aluminium.

The BMW 3 Series GT Sports Lines has a sporty appeal to add to a car that was already a steal. Whether you're buying the car to drive or to make your family feel comfortable during commutes, this beast makes sure it hold up its end of the bargain. The car is practical with an accommodating boot space that can expand to a more than reasonable dimension while also providing the exquisite performance that a 3 Series promises.

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