Training Jeeves: The art of housekeeping

Training Jeeves: The art of housekeeping

By OUR CORRESPONDENT | | 5 September, 2015

Ever fancied the towel-swan sitting atop your cushy bed the moment you checked into a plush multi-star hotel? Or the guy behind the bar, who displayed fire-tricks and juggled the shaker and the bottles with such ease that you’d think it to be some sort of magic?

These might seem like unnecessary skills to be acquired, and will easily earn you a rather needless “elite” tag, but helping your domestic house-help gain these skills should be amazing, right? Aditya and Anirudh Maheshwari run the Cornerstone Training Center, which offers customised training solutions for service organisations. Besides training corporate and office pantry staff, they also train domestic help. You can sign up with the Maheshwari brothers for your resident helpers, and they will provide informative classes in bartending, hygiene, housekeeping as well as some hotel tricks (like turning a towel into a swan). Not only that, there’s also the possibility that they might drop by your place for a surprise inspection at any time, as a way to ensure things are being handled properly.  Further, they provide you with an information booklet/checklist where you can track their performance, ensuring application of learning, thus keeping things absolutely professional. 

Their team consists of former employees from the Four Seasons Hotel and the Inter Continental. The class is generally a seven-day module starting at Rs 10,000 and is followed up with a refresher course after two to three months, as
per requirements. 


For more details, visit their website

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