‘Most songs that I am involved in, start with the drum set’

Music By Priya Singh

American drummer Dave Weckl is considered a master of his craft, and is among the most acclaimed musicians in the world of jazz fusion. He speaks to Priya Singh about his music.

24 February, 2018

‘Our fan base has remained loyal to us for over 19 years’

Music By Bulbul Sharma

Palash Sen, lead vocalist and frontrunner of the band Euphoria speaks to Guardian 20 about his recent performance at the Bollywood Music Project in Delhi. He also talks to us about the new currents in indie music, and his upcoming album.

3 February, 2018

‘With SubraMania, we want to create a new musical genre’

Music By Bhumika Khatri

Ambi and Bindu Subramaniam, of the fusion band SubraMania, talk to Bhumika Khatri about finding new melodies, and the pluses and minuses of coming from a family of distinguished musicians.

13 January, 2018

‘Sufi music isn’t just about singing high-pitched notes’

Music By Bulbul Sharma

Sukhwinder Singh, the voice behind iconic songs like ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ and ‘Jai Ho’, speaks to Bulbul Sharma about how success and fame can make you choose between pride and progress.

30 December, 2017

‘I love it when the crowd sings along with me’

Music By Bulbul Sharma

YouTube star and the voice behind “Disco Disco” (from A Gentleman), Shirley Setia, who is all set to perform at the Enchanted Valley Carnival in Mumbai this Sunday, speaks to Guardian 20 about her experience in the film music industry and her upcoming projects. The New Zealand-based singer also gets candid about how her multicultural upbringing influenced her music.

16 December, 2017

Raga Nizami


Qawwali didn’t die with the demise of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This Sufi musical form has been kept alive by the Delhi-based Nizami Brothers, among the best-loved qawwali outfits in the country, whose repertoire ranges from contemplative, classically influenced compositions to catchy Bollywood numbers, writes Swati Singh.

16 December, 2017

‘Folk music is beyond jhatkas and matkas, it tells great stories’

Music By Shivangi Mishra

Renowned Indian folk singer and Padma Shri awardee, Malini Awasthi speaks to Shivangi Mishra about her work as a musician and champion of folk traditions, and her tutelage under legendary gurus.

9 December, 2017
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