‘Sufiyana kalaam spreads the message of co-existence, peace, love and piety’


After a recent performance in Delhi, Sufi musician Dhruv Sangari spoke to Preeti Singh about the syncretic roots of the Sufi tradition, how it has brought communities together regardless of religious differences, and the mainstreaming of this genre.

8 April, 2017
Amit Trivedi, JLN stadium, CIRQUE, Bollywood Music Festival, Hungama Bollywood Music Project, Honey Singh, Badshah

Two days back-to-back: The oldest & latest Bollywood music at capital’s JLN stadium

Music By Puja Sahani

One can take Indians out of Bollywood, but one simply cannot take Bollywood out of an Indian’s heart. No matter where we go, what we become, Bollywood music remains evergreen in our hearts.

1 April, 2017
Hindustani classical music, Shriram Shankarlal Music festival, Shriram Bhartiya Kala Kendra, Queen of Thumri, Girija Devi, Ajoy Chakraborty, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib

‘Hindustani classical music retains its unique position in the world of art’


As the season of spring and festivity arrived in the national capital, the 70th edition of Shriram Shankarlal Music festival enthralled its viewers by presenting performances of holi, chaiti, kajri and dadra by some legendary musical maestros.

1 April, 2017
Anna Maria Jopek, Polish musician, Holi Moo Festival, Slavic music, Polish folk scales, Polish folk harmony, Stanisław Jopek, jazz music

‘Polish music has a specific kind of lyricism and beauty’


Polish musician Anna Maria Jopek, who recently performed in India , speaks to Preeti Singh about the importance of melody in Polish music, and about creating tunes for a global audience.

25 March, 2017
Yale Schola Cantorum, Yale University, Reena Esmail, St. Mary’s Church, Yale choir, Sacred Music

‘Singing in Schola is a privilege for students at Yale University’

Music By Keith Armando Gomes

Yale Schola Cantorum, the prestigious chamber choir based in Yale University, recently performed at various venues in India. One of its leading members, Reena Esmail speaks to Keith A. Gomes.

18 March, 2017
Music, vinyl, Lata Mangeshkar, Lenco turntable, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jude D’Souza, Digital music

Listen to This

Music By Keith Armando Gomes

Music has become a digital commodity today, with the Internet being its prime market. So what are these oddballs who like collecting vinyl records all about? To understand this, you need to get your hands on a turntable, place a vinyl LP under the needle, and hit play, writes Keith A. Gomes.

11 March, 2017
Swiss-Cuban jazz musician Yilian Cañizares, debut performance of  Yilian Cañizares, classical violinist, classical Russian and French styles

‘Jazz gives you opportunities to express, surprise yourself’

Music By Keith Armando Gomes

Swiss-Cuban jazz musician Yilian Cañizares was recently in Delhi for her debut performance here. She speaks to Keith A. Gomes about training as a classical violinist and her passion for jazz.

25 February, 2017
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