Call Me... was first a slow jam

Call Me... was first a slow jam

By MAHIMA DAYAL | | 5 January, 2013
Ben Howard (L) revamped Jepsen’s (R) teeny boppy track

To be able to attach adjectives like unforgettable, thoughtful and ingenious will be difficult for Carly Rae Jepsen's pop sensation, Call me Maybe. But the cover of the song by British folk singer, Ben Howard, which he sings with a slight smirk, has definitely turned water into wine.

Carly's upbeat teen soundtrack was actually written by Jepsen and Tavish Crowe as a folk song but modified to pop following the production by Josh Ramsay. Ben Howard uses the lyrics of the song and transforms it into a refined melody which stands independent of the original. The softer approach adopted by the cover allows it to leave a soothing effect on the listener as opposed to the jumpy after effect of the original. Even the pensive cover is quite a laugh because of the irony of deliberate disconnect between the lyrics and the composition.

The jam on BBC's Radio one, which was meant for gags, has now caught the attention of a lot of mainstream pop fans, making this soft and amused singer a minor sensation. For those who prefer this cover over the original, Ben's debut album 'Every Kingdom' shall definitely be worth the money.

The cover carries an infectious chorus which does not overpower the lead and also sets the mood and the pace for this distinct version which grasps you right at the offset. With India Bourne on cello and backing vocals, and Chris Bond on the bass and drums, the track evolves its own distinct style.

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