UNICEF-style survey magnifies child abuse problem in India


The Ministry of Women and Child Development’s 2007 “Study on Child Abuse” report came out with an exaggerated narrative on the phenomenon of child abuse in India. The report, even today, serves as a foundational document of the ministry. The report was based on a survey that borrowed the flawed methodology of the UNICEF, marked by statistical errors and an arbitrary selection of respondents. Suranya Aiyar exposes all this in “Save your child from UNICEF: A study of UNICEF’s biased and false claims about Indian parents”. Here is the first part of Aiyar’s report.

5 October, 2015

PMO meets to address industry concerns

News By Abhinandan Mishra

The agenda of these meetings will be to make doable plans and investor friendly policies among other goals.

4 October, 2015

Sonrise in TDP, Lokesh is now number 2


Chandrababu Naidu’s decision to make his son the party’s general secretary was backed by senior leaders.

4 October, 2015

CPM hopes for BJP help against Mamata

News By Abhimanyu Singh

Sitaram Yechury’s leadership helped the party in the Siliguri polls, a feat that has made him very popular within CPM.

4 October, 2015

Naidu’s ‘Misson Amaravati’ will start with mega Modi rally

News By S Rama Krishna

Around one lakh people are being mobilised to attend the rally.

4 October, 2015

Indrani critical but stable

News By Our Correspondent

4 October, 2015

J&K will remain with India: Mufti

News By Noor-ul-Qamrain

4 October, 2015

Mistrust continues to haunt Dadri village

News By Mohammed Anas

Akhlaq’s neighbours remember his family as a decent and educated lot, who used to distribute sweets on Eid.

4 October, 2015
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