Telugu titles mandatory for Telugu films

Telugu titles mandatory for Telugu films

By S. RAMA KRISHNA | HYDERABAD | 19 January, 2013
Film board moves proposal to make Telugu titles compulsory in films.

Bachelors 2, Businessman, Bodyguard, SMS and Love Failure are some of the titles of Telugu movies that were released in 2012. Of the total 94 Telugu movies made last year, 28 had English or Hindi titles. Another 10 out of 69 films dubbed into Telugu from other languages during this period too had English titles.

This has prompted Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce (APFCC) to move a proposal to make it compulsory for all Telugu films to have Telugu titles, like the norms in Tamil Nadu where all should have Tamil titles, said APFCC president Tammareddy Bhardwaj.

APFCC in December came to the conclusion that most Telugu producers are opting for English titles, and this trend should be curbed at once. "We should learn from Tamilans. The titles of Telugu films should be named only in Telugu, otherwise, this language will be neglected," Siddhartha, a dialogue writer of Telugu films said.

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