Bureaucrats face PM scrutiny ahead of 2019

Bureaucrats face PM scrutiny ahead of 2019

By ABHINANDAN MISHRA | New Delhi | 11 November, 2017
Babus who are still opposing PM Modi’s way of working likely to be shunted out.
With less than 18 months remaining of his government—if the general elections are held in April 2019, as they are scheduled to be—Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to do one final major “surgery” of the top bureaucracy and replace the “dead wood” and inept officials with new ones.

Officials aware of the development said that the bureaucratic shuffle will be carried out while keeping the past service of the bureaucrats in view. The bureaucrats, who have not yet accepted PM Modi’s way of working—which is more work and less talk—will be replaced.

The all powerful Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is also going to witness the introduction of new faces.

Sources said that inputs received from multiple organisations, governmental and non-governmental, are being taken into account to identify bureaucrats who have not mended their ways despite repeated notices and have continued to stall work or do it at a very leisurely pace.

Official sources said that officials working with the “economy” related department will come in for special scrutiny as the feedback received by the PMO suggest that demonetisation and GST would have given much better resultd if they were executed more professionally. The lack of seriousness on the part of some bureaucrats regarding effective implementation of demonetisation, as was visualised by the PM, has led to a negative perception of the whole exercise in some quarters.

Feedback from organisations like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the BMS (Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, the RSS-affiliated labour union), as well as inputs from the intelligence agencies regarding the conduct of the officials outside office, including spending habits, are one among the multiple criteria that will be adopted to effect the reshuffle.

Ever since coming to power, PM Modi has tried to rein in the notorious Indian bureaucracy, which was treated with kid gloves during the time of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). Sources said that a large chunk of the bureaucracy was still not happy with the Modi style of functioning. PM Modi is a workaholic and some bureaucrats view him as someone who had taken away their “powers” and hence they were “waiting and even working to see him fail”.

In living up to his mantra of “perform or perish”, the Modi government has repeatedly acted tough against bureaucrats, something that has not been seen before, leading to widespread resentment, that is not being expressed overtly, by senior bureaucrats.

In July, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) released a report card, which stated that the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions has taken actions such as premature retirement and a cut in remunerations against 381 civil services officers, including 24 officers from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), for being non-performers and for allegedly being involved in illegal activities.

As a result of this “new” disciplined culture in the bureaucratic circles of Delhi, the number of officers seeking Central deputation, especially in the IAS cadre, has decreased.

As per the report, a total of 25 Group A officers, including one IAS and two IPS and 99 Group B officers, were prematurely retired by the government; 21 civil servants, including 10 IAS officers, “resigned” and penalties like dismissal, removal or compulsory retirement and cuts in pension were imposed on 37 Group A officers, including five from the IAS.

In addition to this, 199 Group A officers, including eight from the IAS, were penalised in terms of remuneration cuts.


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Right move.With so many of ministers of this NDA govt wanting to perform it is imperative that babus fall in line.If they can't they better make way for those who can.Case in point is the tender for FOB at Elphinstone station in Mumbai.This FOB was approved in budget of 2016.But babus in railways set on it for 18 long months.Till the stampede on existing bridge killed 29 innocent people.Same set of babus are objecting to railway & defense ministries' decision to hand over to army the construction of 3 such bridges in Mumbai.The dead line to open these bridges is unheard of among generations of these babus.Dead line is 3 months!

The tag 'Inept & Corrupt' for the Indian Babus fits so well for the majority. The Indian Bureaucrats are same as the Colonials decided. A cadre of people who will work without any result for 'Fabian effect' and they will be paid small salaries but will be given powers to 'augment' their income. No change in Profile,Personality, Selection method, Training has been made so the Babu thinks it is his job to rule and terrorise the people for prestige and 'booty'.

Now main issue is removal of all file works in GST.Your kind heartedness has shown much benevolence and withdrawn taxes in many items and also eased business. But main issue if filing of several returns from a minor sale and purchase undoubtedly creates confusion. Govt needs TAX to run the country and People pays Taxes will fully. Traders working as the Tax collector and depositor. They are overburdened with behemoth of such bureaucratic pressures to file several returns every month online. It is simple as Filing your Sales and Purchase figures and pay the balance tax if any from INPUT -OUT PUT.We have requested you to several times to collect taxes on all items at source like TDS.It is TAX COLLCTED AT SOURCE.The GST b collected at source Manufacturing,Sales,supply and delivery at the time of 1st sale and the tax be deposited by the Company firm Org Trader.It will save all these issues movement discontentment and opposition to GST.Traders wants to be saved from all these paraphernalia. GUJARAT election is very near and my suggestion will help you satisfy the angry disgruntled 6 crore families of traders of whole India.

Modi will replace one set of bureaucrats with another, who form the same Deep State along with IPS wallahs and netas. They will continue to marginalize the Indian Army, interfere in strictly military domains and cheat faujis of their dues and prevent Modi from imposing costs on Pakistan.

Shri Ashok Kumar Gupta, retired Secretary Defence Production, Shri Subhash Garg, Secretary Economic Affairs, Smt. Rita Teotia, Secretary Commerce and Shri Rajiv Meherishi, former Secretary Home are reported to be the worst Secretaries government of India.

Detect victimisation in every ministry. Collect the profile of victims and reard them well.

PMO must conduct exercise for each ministry to detect victimisation and harassment cases. Harassed officers who perform oustanding must be protected by all means.

A gang of corrupt officials led by Smt. Anita Praveen IAS, 1998 in Commerce during 2016 & a gang of harassers under protection of Shri Rajiv Meherishi, former Home Secretary during 2017 attacked an honest lady officer of North-East India. RSS must investigate this matter and ensure that the officials involved are debarred from future promotion in their career.

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