Chiselled body? that’s gay, says Malaysia

Chiselled body? that’s gay, says Malaysia

By LAKSHMAN MENON | LONDON | 19 January, 2013

If you are a man who works out at the gym, then Malaysia is not the country for you, at least not if you wish to attract the attention of women. Government officials have supported a warning that a "chiselled" physique is the sign of a homosexual. This giveaway sign is one of a list of tell-tale pointers issued by the Teachers Foundation of Malaysia and backed by the government, the Daily Mail has reported. Among the other guidelines for spotting a homosexual are men who wear V-necked sweaters, tight jeans and sleeveless T-shirts.

Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashinot said few in Malaysia understood or knew the early "symptoms" of homosexuality to prevent its spread, the newspaper reports. Lesbians are more difficult to detect. However, the Teacher's Foundation says that they tend to include women who like to eat, sleep and socialise with other women.

Ten seminars have so far been held in Malaysia where the how-to-spot gay tendencies were delivered to parents. More than 1,500 people turned up to the most recent to hear Zarkashinot say the guidelines were being issued to help children stay away from "unhealthy activities". Both oral and gay sex are illegal in Malaysia and offenders can be jailed for up to 20 years, caned or fined. The former deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has twice been tried for sodomy. He served six years in jail, until he was finally acquitted. Last year Malaysia censored Lady Gaga's hit Born this Way, saying the lyrics promoted the acceptance of gays and lesbians.

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