Neighbours' quarrel turns ugly over alleged theft

Neighbours' quarrel turns ugly over alleged theft

By AREEBA FALAK | NEW DELHI | 10 February, 2018

A neighbours’ quarrel turned ugly last week in Arjun Nagar here, when two single women reported a stolen TV satellite dish from their rooftop to the local police unit, alleging that their neighbours were involved in the theft. 

Taruna (45) has been living in her current apartment for the last four years and has filed five complaints with Delhi Police, accusing their neighbours of harassment with the intention to grab their apartment forcibly. The neighbourhood witnessed a big argument between the two families that ended with allegations of harassment and a police complaint. 

The victim Taruna said, “We feel unsafe because the people next door have mistreated us. My sister and I live without any male guardian because our parents have died. After living on rent for a while in this same area, we bought this flat with the money we collected after selling our property in Mumbai. But our neighbours have other designs. They tamper with our electric motor, use foul language and mentally torture us. We have approached the police several times. They have visited us twice, but things have not improved.” The two sisters used to live in Mumbai, but after our parents passed away, they shifted to Delhi. The sisters survive on Family Pension Scheme as their mother was a government employee. 

On the other hand, the alleged neighbour’s wife, Manisha Yadav, stating her side of the story, said: “We are willing to resolve these issues, but the sisters are uncooperative.” Yadav added, “If the two sisters are sure that they are in the right, then why do they skip court proceedings? We, too, had to file an FIR. We were recommended to a mediation centre and the court directed us to solve such disputes amicably. The last date was in December and this was the fourth time they had skipped mediation.”

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