J&K springs into action to save water bodies

J&K springs into action to save water bodies

By NOOR-UL-QAMRAIN | SRINAGAR | 11 March, 2018

In the past few months, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court has issued several directions to the state government to save the state’s water bodies including river Jhelum and Dal Lake from further encroachments. In the latest direction, the HC has asked the government to make the banks of the river Jhelum and other water bodies free of illegal constructions and other encroachments.

The state government has directed the Revenue and Irrigation and Flood Control Department to start a district-wise demarcation of water-bodies and submit details in the next few months as the government has decided to act tough against the encroachers. All deputy commissioners have been directed to ensure the implementation of the rules and regulations governing the preservation of water bodies that have been damaged by the land mafia, said state chief secretary B.B. Vyas. He said that after proper identification, different wings of the government will ensure that these illegal constructions are removed.

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