Amateur photographers win EU awards for depicting climate change

Amateur photographers win EU awards for depicting climate change

By ANANDO BHAKTO | NEW DELHI | 28 October, 2015
Supriya Biswas - Juri's Choice Award

Ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris beginning 30 November, the European Union today,Wednesday, awarded photographers here for capturing the importance of the phenomenon.

Amateur photographers here were honoured for their images, which underlined the dramatic effects of climate change in India. The photos also focused on the measures that are being taken to tackle it.

Winners for the #MyClimateMyFuture photo contest were Supriya Biswas and Deepak Kumar, who won the jury’s choice award. Kirti Sarbalia and Wagish Sharma won the “Climate Photo Voter's Choice” prize, based on the maximum number of “likes” on Facebook. Supriya Biswas also won the “Jury Choice-Honorary Mention” award. Winners will receive a Canon EOS 700D camera, to continue their picture journey.


Kirti Sarbalia - Voter's Choice Award

The photography contest was organised to provide a platform for Indian citizens to capture and “voice out” their impressions about climate change as they see it, using the powerful medium of the lens.

The contest which ran from 17 June to 17 September, 2015 was met with enthusiastic participation from all across India. Capturing the climate change story as it unfolds throughout the country, the participants shared stunning photographs highlighting the ravages of climate change on the environment, and on day-to-day life. The contest was run through Facebook.

The jury comprised Amitabha Bhattacharya, an ace photographer who specialises in social documentation, wildlife and nature photography; Moushumee K. Jha, an accomplished photo artist focusing on people, culture, and street life; Cesare Onestini, Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to India; and Henriette Faergemann, first Counsellor - Environment, Energy, Climate Change, Delegation of the European Union to India.

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I like this photo as it shows the rising air pollution which has made simple breathing equivalent to smoking cigarettes

I feel like that the second picture where there is a tree's silhouette with a bird is a fake image. It was neatly created using photoshop layers. 2-3 pictures have been combined to create that image. I might be wrong. this is what I feel like.

And to further prove that the second picture is fake just look at the sun's position and then look at the stone's shadow lying in the middle. The shadow is on the left side of the stone. While the sun is in the back side. NOT THE WINNING PICTURE FOR ME!

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