Pak terror camps shifting to border along Gujarat

Pak terror camps shifting to border along Gujarat

This is being done to thwart possible surgical strikes by Indian forces.

Multiple terrorist groups operating in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) are shifting their training camps from the region bordering Jammu and Kashmir to the bordering areas of Gujarat, officials in the security establishment say.
According to officials, the systematic shifting of the training camps has been done by the terror groups to thwart any attempts by Indian security forces to carry out a surgical strike if the need arises. “These training camps were first operationalised in 1988, with the first of such camps being opened in Kel, Kamri, Lotli, Chinari, etc., situated across the border in Jammu and Kashmir. However, many of them have closed down or shifted to other locations. Some of the camps in Chahaal, Bandi Hajeera and Bakrel are active, however. As per the latest inputs, terroristcamps have now come up in the areas bordering Gujarat,” an official said. The Central government has stated that at least 17 such camps are running in PoK which are getting the active support of ISI and are visited by the most wanted terrorists of Jaish, Lashkar and Hizbul who indoctrinate young men who “study there”. India shared this information in a series of dossiers submitted to Pakistan in recent times
Officials said that one of the main reasons behind shifting these terrorists camps was to stop the Indian security forces from getting too familiar with these camps in case the government decides to carry out surgical strikes, including the use of IAF aircraft, to destroy these camps.
“In the past, we have submitted detailed dossiers that include high resolution pictures, coordinates of these terrorist camps to various international agencies including the Pakistani officials. So theoretically, we have all the knowledge that is needed to carry out the surgical strikes to take out two to three such big camps in an operation that will be over within one hour. Hence, it is not surprising that that these groups are moving their camps from one place to the other,” the official added.
The officials said that the option to carry out such surgical strikes was always on the table.
“Attacking such terrorist camps will not lead to any collateral damage as there are no civilians in these camps. So we can always carry out a swift operation, supported by the IAF, and destroy these camps and come back. We have enough evidence that we can use at the international forum to justify our actions,” said the official.

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