Left historians thwarted babri compromise

Left historians thwarted babri compromise

By S. RAMA KRISHNA | HYDERABAD | 31 January, 2016
K.K. Muhammed
Archaeologist K.K. Muhammed has said in his autobiography that a temple existed at the site of the mosque.

Archaeologist K.K. Muhammed has alleged that Left-leaning historians are to blame for not letting a compromise take place between Hindus and Muslims on the building of a Ram temple at Ayodhya even though archaeological evidence pointed to the presence of a Hindu temple beneath the site of the now demolished Babri Masjid.

“Left-leaning historians led by Irfan Habib, who was the chairman of the Indian Council for Historical Research at the time, impelled Muslim groups active on the Babri Action Committee not to accept the Hindu groups’ argument that they had a claim on the site owing to the existence of a temple beneath the mosque’s structure,” Muhammed told this newspaper. Muhammed has mentioned in his recently published autobiography, Njan Enna Bharatiyan (I am an Indian), that a temple existed at the site, a revelation that created ripples.

Muhammed, 63, was born in the Muslim dominated Calicut. He studied in Delhi and worked at various places in North India. When he was studying at the School of Archaeology in Delhi, he participated in the excavation works at the Babri Masjid site in 1976-77. He was a part of a team led by the then ASI director general, Professor B.B. Lal. “We had found 14 pillars of a temple, which must have belonged to the 11th or 12th century. The masjid was apparently built on the debris of the temple,” Muhammed has mentioned in his autobiography written in Malayalam.

Muhammed said this was not the first time that he had mentioned about the existence of a temple pre-dating the mosque. “An amicable settlement should take place in the Babri Masjid dispute. The site can be handed over to Hindus for the construction of a Ram temple, but Hindus should take the initiative to offer an honourable settlement to Muslims. Direct talks should be held between Hindus and Muslims and no third party should be involved,” Muhammed told this newspaper.

Muhammed, however, denied media reports that he had commented on the Taj Mahal or other monuments built by Muslim rulers. “I am an archaeologist and historical facts are important to me. I am not a spokesperson of the RSS or VHP,” he said.

Muhammed is surprised to see the response to his autobiography. The 159-page book hit the stands on 16 January, and its first edition got sold within two weeks. Mathrubhumi, which published the book, is planning a second edition, while talks are also underway to translate the book into English and several other Indian languages.

When asked about the reaction of Muslims to his book, Muhammed said that most of them have appreciated his observations. “There are several Muslims who think that a reasonable solution can be found to the dispute. After all, Ram temple is to Hindus what Mecca and Madina are to Muslims,” said Muhammed, who retired from ASI two years ago and is currently working as project director of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Hyderabad. The trust has taken up the restoration of world heritage monuments Qutb Shahi Tombs at a budget of around Rs 100 crore.

Muhammed is also known for his restoration of the millennium old Bateshwar temple in Madhya Pradesh. He had also persuaded the Maoists in Chhattisgarh to join the restoration work of many temples in the forest areas. “The uniqueness of India is its secular credentials. We should all work to protect them,” he told this newspaper.

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I really appreciate his efforts and views on the Ram Janam Bhoomi issue, everyone must know the truth about this issue.. And as he correctly pointed out, Hindus and Muslims must sit and settle issues.. Let there be festive mood both in Muslim and Hindus on the outcome.. Mutual respect is very essential for the harmony and happiness in the society.. This is real Secular.. Sir we respect you for your work, hope everyone can think your way be lead to hormony in the society..

Quality content in your blog is one of the most imaortpnt ways to boost your blog. Since Google introduced Panda over two years ago and is since then constantly adjusting the page ranking algorithms quality is more imaortpnt than quantity.

A fair & unbaised report by an honest officer. We need more like him on both sides to sit across a table & sort out the mess. Forget the politics ,& the vote banks. Let truth prevail & be accepted by all in good spirit, for peace & harmony in the country. The hate mongers should be shunnef by all.

There is to much halla bulla on the issue - Ram Temple or Babri Masjid Let me tell you none of the intellectual proponents of either side really have any true religious desire to actually use the Temple or Masjid to worship. For them it is a controversy to stage oneup manship nothing more. For a true worshipper it does not matter which Temple or Masjid. He will find any place as reverent as another for his true belief and open his heart out to his God any where irrespective. For the commoners, for whom these so called saviours of faith take up cudgel in name of justice, actually have no time to mess in the controversy or time to actually worship. For, he barely has time to meet both ends or sort out other umpteen complexities posed in his life. We, despite all sort of overtures, mannerism, denials and even outright indignation are at core, pure hypocrites. Build it (or accept it as such) either which way, Temple or Masjid, let me assure you, it will not make an iota of difference to any one save the Pandit or Maulavi - for obvious reasons other than religious or faith. Whatever stated is neither a revelation nor unknown. Nor it is some thing on the blind spot. It is there for one and all who care to see. Then why all the ruckus ? ? Well, controversy to us is most beloved. We need it to thrive - nay survive

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