I have always stood up for peace: Hafiz Saeed

I have always stood up for peace: Hafiz Saeed

By ABHINANDAN MISHRA | NEW DELHI | 13 February, 2016
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the Pakistan-based chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawah.
‘We reserve our anger for the Indian government, which is not prepared to listen to Nawaz Sharif who had approached the UN General Assembly over Kashmir.’
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the Pakistan based chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD), spoke to The Sunday Guardian a day after Pakistan origin American born terrorist and 26/11 Mumbai attack accused David Headley deposed that he was inspired by Saeed to wage jihad against India. Excerpts:
Q: David Headley has stated that he was inspired by you to wage “Jihad” against India. How did you inspire him?
A: There is ongoing propaganda in Indian media that David Headley has been attending my Friday sermons. They should know for a fact that thousands of people offer Friday prayers behind me, and I certainly don’t know all of them.
Q: In my earlier interview, you stated that you would like the Kashmir problem to be settled amicably but you recently expressed your anguish over the Pakistan Prime Minister being “soft” on India. Can you explain the reason for your anger against the Pakistani PM.
A: Nawaz Sharif is a soft spoken person, we are not angry at him. He is the Prime Minister of our country. We are only entitled to send out our advice. In fact, we reserve our anger for the Indian government that is not prepared to listen to Nawaz Sharif who had approached the UN General Assembly over Kashmir, and India did not like it. That means, even the most soft-spoken person like Nawaz Sharif is intolerable for you
Q: You also told me earlier that your statement on Pathankot was misquoted by the media. So what was your actual statement?
A: Kashmiri groups claimed responsibility of the Pathankot attack and openly declared before the world the fact that eight hundred-thousand Indian occupying-forces have subdued the rights of Kashmiris. And in order to let the world know of their plight and suffering, they have taken the responsibility of this attack as they continue to uphold their struggle for freedom. If they are able to reach Pathankot today, they can go anywhere else depending on how India treats them. Therefore, instead of finding new angles for propaganda, and presenting my words in a negative light to create a jingoistic environment, India should pull out its forces from Kashmir.
Q: What are your thoughts about the 26/11 Mumbai attack?
A: With reference to Mumbai attacks, Pakistan’s highest courts have already given the verdict that no evidence links Jamat-ud-Dawah or any of its members with the attack. In fact, India has been unable to present any evidence in this regard. Only the media propaganda campaign has been launched to malign me. These are the decisions of the Pakistan Supreme Court. I am sad to see that India, a country that considers itself the world’s largest democracy, is not ready to accept the decision of Pakistan’s highest courts. If India is not ready to respect the decisions of our courts, how does it expect any of us to accept its false assertions?
Q: Don’t you feel that enough lives have been lost on both the sides over Kashmir?
A: Peace is exactly what we demand and we should move towards a peaceful solution. The key to peace remains in India’s hands. If India continues to keep its forces in the Valley — armed bunkers in every nook and corner of the Valley to terrorise innocent people — then how do you expect peace to prevail? If India is sincere, then it should pull out its forces. It is after this has been done that talks will prove fruitful and will lead to a solution regarding the Kashmir issue.
Q: Are you willing to inspire the youth or freedom fighters as you call them, to lay down their arms so that the age-old dispute between the two countries is settled?
A: We do not seek to initiate wars or pursue confrontation; neither are we any sort of warmongers. But India must cease all acts of violence, killings, torture, oppression and inflicting terrorism on the Kashmiri population. Then you may press for any such demands and they shall be accepted. Why else would Kashmiris raise their weapons? There would be no need to do such a thing.  When they could not bear further pain and the world did not pay heed to their calls, they had to pick up weapons to defend themselves and the lives and honour of their mothers and sisters
Q: In our last interview, you appeared more as a mature political leader who is willing to walk the talk rather than a terrorist group leader who carries a reward on his head. Is the world going to see a new Hafiz Saeed?
A: I am still the same Hafiz Saeed. The fact of the matter is that I have been constantly maligned with baseless accusations and propaganda that was used to put a reward on my head. I’ve always stood up for peace. I have never called for violence nor did I ever take part in any terrorist activity. We do not seek war, but what we do is raise our voice against the Indian oppression and acts of cruelty. It does not go down well with them and therefore they’ve raised all that hue and cry against me.

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Good Job dear Abhinandan Mishra. Hafiz Saeed is a Peace loving Pakistani.

Good to see an alternative side of Hafiz Saeed, should be heard more. That's the only way ahead. Involve all stake holders for K solution. - Raza Rumi

Namastay, by reading your interview with Hafiz Saeed my confusions on Kashmiri Freedom movement are more cleared now. Kashmir is an issue which should be resolved according to the will of Kashmiris regardless of the expected results. Your tremendous efforts to put Saeed's narrative to indian media is very appreciable, we are tired of listening one sided propoganda story about him. I urge indian media to conversate more with so called terror chief in order to bring their version more clear inorder to understand the real bone of Contention between Consistent & Sustainable Peace between two Countries.

Hafiz Saeed is a peacefull person and he is always loves to humanity Indian media always make propaganda against Hafiz saeed

حافظ سعید نے ہمیشہ ہی امن پیار محبت کی بات کی وہ چاہے پاکستان ہو افغانستان یا انڈیا حافظ سعید کے بیانات کو توڑ کر پیش کیاجاتا ہے اور پرپیگنڈہ کیا جاتا جب کہ حقیقت اس کے برعکس ہے حافظ سعید نے حقوق کی بات کی جو کہ ہر کوئیکرتا اپنے حقوق کے لیے کشمیری اٹھے تو کیا غلط کیا حافظ سعید نے ان کے اس اقدام کو سہی کہا اسی بات پر سب نے کچھ سے کچھ بنادیا

حافظ محمد سعید صاحب امیر جماعت الدعوہ نے ہمیشہ امن کی بات کی ہے انڈین میڈیا نے ہمیشہ حافظ سعید صاحب کے خلاف منفی پروپیگنڈہ کیا ہے کیونکہ حافظ محمد سعید صاحب کشمیریوں کے حق خودارادیت کی بات کرتے ہیں جسکا وعدہ نہرو جی نے خود اقوام متحدہ میں پوری دینا دینا سے کیا تھا میں سمجھتا ہوں کہ یہ بہت اچھا اقدام ہے کہ حافظ محمد سعید صاحب کا مؤقف اب انڈین میڈیا میں بھی من و عن شائع کیا ہے ا

I have throughly read both interviews of Hafiz Saeed. And i could clearly predict the liberation of Kashmir & Khalistan is not so Far. It is the need of time to give enough airtime to all Freedom Fighters on Indian Media. So that the Original perspective of these could reach among the BlindFolded Orthodox Hindus also.

i am a nonmuslim but i stand with hafiz saeed on the issue of freedom for kashmir. indian government violated human rights in kashmir and killed thousand of innocent people. United Nation delayed resolution to give chance to indian government to violates all these right, both UN and indian government even indian people are equally responsible for that. So in all these scenario common people should stand with Hafiz Saeed as he speaks for the Human rights for innocent.

indian government attack our holy place in 1984 to kill all the sikhs in india & killed Sant jarnail bhinderawale who is freedom fighter for khalistan and now coward Indian government want to occupy kashmir but they cant defeat the passion of freedom fighters of kashmir and hafiz saeed is true peaceful person those who speak for there rights... indian media just doing propaganda against him and call him a terrorist but now i know the reality. if you want to know the reality you should read above interview.

I think now Indian people should see the truth . Here is Hafiz Muhammad Saeed's original face. Before this all was propegenda about hafiz saeed and kashmiries .

Is this man to whom India is calling the most wanted terrorist? I feel pity for eight jawans of Indian army who lost their lives in Siachin. I think their blood is on Indian Govt.'s hands. How far India will use its forces to kill and being killed in Kashmir. If Hafiz Saeed can step forward for peace, why not the Indian govt.? Humanity should be respected on both sides.

To be truthful, there is a worst form of our Indian govt' state terrorism in Kashmir, also our country is involve in promoting terrorism inside Pakistan. We should not bury head in the sand and have to accept this bitter truth___Dear Indian govt and media! Stop this hate propaganda now. Stop pointing finger at others____ You trying to keep us Indian citizens in dark, to make us fool, look, what you portrayed Hafiz saeed and what he actually is. Thank you Sunday Guardian for making us familiar with Saeed's real views. Govt must seriously think over his stance as it is in favor of our beloved India.

What a kindred spirit! Hafiz Saeed must be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Just like the ruling establishment, whether congress or BJP, strengthened right wing narratives to justify their discriminating policies, they've lied to us about the Kashmir issue as well. We've been deliberately misled I feel, and certain aspects of nationalism, a fake sense of patriotism was used to blind ordinary citizens from emphathizing with the Kashmiris, reports from HRW are open for everybody to see, women were subjected to organised systematic rape, a war tactic used by our very own security forces, who were meant to protect our borders - I wonder if they can even do that too - this violence and oppression on Kashmiris must stop, otherwise reactionary elements would continue recruitment for militancy in the valley. Why are we afraid from a plebiscite? Or are we hiding from a realisation inside that the Kashmiris would never chose to be with India because of the way we've treated them..?

There should be peace in all over the world.if unjustices are eliminated there will be peace...we must aviod hypocricy.we should be fair for humanity..kashmiri peiple should get their right of liberty..

All the guys commentend here are not indians, they are trying to pose as indians to mislead people over here. We can clearly see that they are DESPERATELY trying to CHANGE the perspective of indians by posting such one sided and biased and pro pakistan pro jehadi comments. Dear JUD and ISI guys, We are not fools. Hafiz Saeed IS a Terrorist, Kashmir IS India. "tum Lakho Afzal Paida karo , hum har ek ko chunchunkar marenge"

Pakistan LOST a war! Swallow it you loser. There is no going to the UN. Kashmir was, is and will remain an integral part of India just get that. Better work for your own country which is suffering at the hands of terror and poverty instead of meddling in other people's affair. Just accept Bangladesh defeat and move on, you lost you lost! Simple. Nothing is going to change that. Understand you terrorist.

ان سوالوں کاجواب اس سے اچھا ھو ہی نہیں سکتا بہت ھی مدلل اور پر مغض جواب دئیے ھیں آپ نے اللہ تعالی آپ کی اور آپ کے رفقاء کو صحت والی لمبی زندگی عطا فرمائے

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