Manmohan ministers tried to implicate Modi in Ishrat case

Manmohan ministers tried to implicate Modi in Ishrat case

By ABHINANDAN MISHRA | NEW DELHI | 21 February, 2016
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
A major conspiracy involving Union ministers in the Manmohan Singh government was hatched in 2009 to link the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and his Home Minister Amit Shah in the 2004 encounter case of Ishrat Jahan, alleged to be a member of the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. This conspiracy also included plans to arrest an Intelligence Bureau officer and force him to implicate Modi and Shah in the case.
In 2009, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) filed an affidavit before the Gujarat High Court stating that the slain woman had links with terror outfits. This angered a top Congress leader from a western state, who wrote a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office in the first week of September 2009, expressing dismay that because of the affidavit Modi could not be framed in Ishrat’s encounter. At one point, the two-and-a-half page typed letter reads: “With this the last hope to grill the Gujarat CM and HM have (sic) diminished in despair since it was the last chance to have a strong SIT with capable people who could have really embarrassed and put Gujarat ministry in difficulty. Two of the accused are also in close contact and have shown willingness to reveal everything and to become approvers.” The letter then complains about the MHA, saying that “The reason behind filing of the affidavit by the Central Government was to dissuade the court from appointing a strong SIT and give a message that even the Central Government had approved the act of fake encounter.”
The Congress leader was unhappy that the MHA’s affidavit had placed on record that Ishrat was a terrorist.
This letter, which is a part of the PMO files, will become a crucial piece of evidence if the present Union government decides to unravel the conspiracy that was hatched by certain political leaders to stop Narendra Modi from arriving on the national scene.
According to officers closely connected with the case and as per the documentary evidence accessed by this newspaper, the plot to stop Modi was worked upon until a few months before the 2014 general elections.
One of the meetings to discuss how to implicate Modi in the Ishrat case was held in the residence of a Cabinet minister in the first week of October 2013 in New Delhi. At least three Union ministers, the political leader who had written the letter to the PMO, and a very senior officer of the CBI were present there, say sources. In that meeting, one of the Union ministers, who is also a well-known legal mind, asked the CBI officer to torture Intelligence Bureau officer Rajendra Kumar and make him confess that the inputs that Ishrat Jahan was a Lashkar member, were fake and were generated on Modi’s orders.
“Usko arrest kijiye aur chaar jutey mariye, sab kabool karega (arrest him and beat him with shoes; he will confess everything)”, were the instructions that were issued by the minister to the CBI officer present in the meeting.
According to these officers, the Congress leadership was divided on the political conspiracy that was being hatched by using the Intelligence Bureau. “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the concerned Congress leaders at least thrice that the IB should not be used for political purposes. Even the two Home Ministers, who came at different time periods, tried to keep the IB out of this political conspiracy, but the leader from the western state prevailed and they were forced to shut their eyes to the whole thing,” the official said.
The officers said that unlike what was presented to the media, a very senior IB officer too was a willing member of the whole conspiracy. “This officer adopted two stands. One for the public, in which he was defending Rajendra Kumar and the other in which he was helping the CBI fabricate evidence against him. In building his public stand, which appeared to be pro-Rajendra Kumar, he was helped by an editor ranked journalist who is still working with a leading English newspaper in Delhi,” the official said.

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I think secret killing of congress leaders (atleast top brass) can only do justice to nation. IB and RAW should plan missions around it.

This and many more exposed events prove the point further that if God is with you, no1 can bother you. Modi is karmyodha and India is in safe hand now.

I totally agree. Modi is the only hope for India.Long live Narendra Modi.

It is clear that so called Sibal, and Patel were main people who hatched this conspiracy. They must be put behind the bars. Hail Mofi ji forkeeping nation safe.

These 3 persons Sibal, Ahmed ,Chidamram 3 iditos

& these 3 all very very close to a certain lady running an NGO, also trying desperately to implicate Narendra Modi in 2002 Gujarat!

Teesta Setalvad runs a gang helping Jihadis in Gujarat. Got funded by Ford Foundation. Found guilty by courts of committing perjury trying fraudulently to accuse Modi. Was last fighting to avoid jail. Jaidev P. Rao, Los Angeles

Please don't insult '3Idiots' of the movie..they were work-o-holic ..never seen conspiring such things.. Some else title required for this Trio.. ;-)

Sir it is fir us as Indians how dangerous for us to have a foreigner as the unnamed PM of India from 2004 to 2014 when she appointed a weak and obedient person as PM and ruled us with the help of crooks in the form of law minister, home minister, IT minister and various other ministers who only have allegiance to the family and nit to the country. It is noteworthy that they had engaged a few influential journalists and NGOs and they have been given prominence in prime time discussions. Since the matter concerns the nnational security it should be throughly investigated and all those leaders however mighty they may be together with people representing NGOs and the do called celebrity journalists should be awarded strict punishment. The punishment should set an example for anyone who compromises on national security so that these traitors who violate their oath of allegiance to the country are treated as traitors of the country. The current government should not treat the matter lightly as I heard the BJP spokespersons advancing arguments in TV debates as weak ad asking for apology from Congress. This is a very weak argument. Those involved in this heinous activity should be charged for sedition and a mere apology from congress will not suffice. The former PM cannot absolve hi lmself from the conspiracy and he should be questioned whether he allowed himself allowed to be used by his party and should be punished if found guilty.

The senior IB officers who was having double standards, as mentioned in the article appears to be Syed Asif Ibrahim, who was Director of IB at that time. He is now Prime Minister's special envoy on "Countering Terrorism and Extremism" with a charter to liaise with governments of West Asian countries, and Afghanistan and Pakistan. That means Modi also does not know about his double standards and has favoured him with another assignment.

I read in another article that it was asif Ibrahim who put his foot in and said "NO". That article claimed that asif strongly resisted implication of rajinder Kumar stating it would bring the morale of the security agencies down. There may be some other IB guy which this article talks about. Just guessing. Modi selected Ibrahim due to his strong credentials.. I seriously doubt he was involved in the conspiracy.

May be the rapist Tehelka editor who is well deservedly rotting in jail! He used half journo Rana Ayyub to bake fake stories!!

It is most likely could be Shekhar Gupta or Praveen Swami . Probably it is Praveen Swami .

I don't vouch for others but not Praveen Swami.

Request you to come out with the names who conspired. Enough of these general statements and now public wants to know the whole truth with names. Appreciate u come out with these conspirators.

No matter what ever they have done so far, will conspire further to create more harm and yet they are bound to fail flat on their face. Ahmed Patel, Kapil Sibal, Salman Kurshid along with their host of presstitutes all competed with each other to please their Corrupt Queen Antonio Maino to rot the Nation. This man, Modi is not an ordinary man, a super being made of real piece of Himalayan Ice.

Whole story must be investigated because many things even we see with our eyes on TV screens later are proved to be fake and doctored.


Just because Mia Patel is the great boot licker of Pasta woman so he thought he will get away with everything. But destiny had some other plans for Modi, Amit Shah &Party. Time has come to take action against Mia Patel, Zero Lawyer, Lungi Chor n Walk the Talk Media Dalal. Hope better sense prevails n croocks are made to cool heels in Tihar.

...though, masses in general and ordinary people in particular wud be unable to understand what nexus operates between political parties and IB, but stronger than thought nexus works between them...officers of IB, for want of greener pastures post retirement, are always more than willing to go extra mile in implicating political so ever the compulsions be, leaders with upright, motivated n strong nationalistic feeling sud never be harmed by whims of corrupt n coward leaders.

People of india muslims and hindu will support modi hence forth. Congress will remain in future but with couple of MPs

It's his turn now to get chaar jute.. Who is he apart from being the close confidante of the head of a disgraced national party... He will Also pass into oblivion as his leader will.. But he should be tried for criminal conspiracy n misusing his official position n putting hindrance in the work of a public servant n probably also subversion .AAmTF

NOt only Isharat Jahan Case. Sonia-Rahul- Priyanka Congress did every thing to see the End of Narendra Modi Politically Socially and If Possible------- . Akbaruddin Owaisi Fellow would not have dared to make aHate Speech at that lvel without the Backing of teh Congress Leader from Western India. After all their Efforts Failed they wanted to see Narendra Modi would not be the BJP's Official Candidate of BJP. IN between Nitish Kumar fellow played his Own Role. at the instigation of LK Advani But when Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is there behind Narendra Modi who can Stop his Rise? Lat but not the Least the MainStream English Media led by"The Hindu',Hindustan Times ,CNN IBN,NDTV Etc tried their level best to mak eIgnorant Rahul Rajiv PM in 2014... That is why along with the Sonia,Rahul and their Congress the Mainstream English Media is suffering with Stomach and Hert Burning.

False charges , doctored videos, fake news, twisted articles, black sheep in disguise, lobbing for some thing which is indeed frivolous, raising sensitive issues for vested interest no matter at the loss of property or even life, etc one have to be extremely cautious

Traitors of khooni panja party should be nailed with immediate effect, they should be thrashed to spill the complete truth. Yet again proves PM Sardar did not had a backbone to stop misuse of power right under his nose, even jounalist should be severely punished to set an expample by shaming him.

Names of the conspirators should have been revealed to make it a really good news. There is also a trend to show that Manmahon Singh has done nothing unethical. I think this MMS is also a big culprit. All corruptions took place under his nose but how is he getting scot free always?

SC can order suo moto an inquiry time bound to bring out truth to people of India

SC can order suo moto an inquiry time bound to bring out truth to people of India

Rajedra Kumar Ex IB cheif is already on the work

This journalist must be rajdeep or barkha . Pls name & shame them

There's no senior leader from Congress exists in Gujarat. Ahmed Patel is the only one who has been very close, yes I said has very close to Sonia.

The Journalist concerned should be identified and exposed

Most of friends are concluding probably correctly on Ahmed Patel as he does dirty job on behalf of gandhi's. Sibal ,chidambaram salman are others. The writer of article should put it in public domine full names

What has been reported here, and whispered about elsewhere, is what the Modi fans have long believed. Political Parties keep tabs on the rising stars in Opposition camps and Modi was in the cross hairs of Congress from long before the Ishrat case. Congress and other allies spent every legal and illegal force since the 2002 post Godhra riots in Gujarat to tar Modi and kill his political career. The Muslims,inside and outside India, the Leftists and the Liberals,both home and abroad,bought into the fabricated story of Modi as 'the architect' of the post Godhra riots and it suited their vested interests to collude in maligning Modi. Every trick was used but Modi went from strength to strength because he is a true karamyogi. In order to get Modi and his followers the Congress, with Shinde at the helm, tried to manufacture the 'saffron terror' theory . They tried to make the color saffron stand as the color of Hindu terror. The Abrahamic religion based Christian and Islamic countries wrung their hands in glee and evangelists had a field day in their conversion missions in India in the decade since 2000..... But nothing stuck to our PM. He rose to lead the country and is trying against heavy odds to make India move forward on all parameters. He has worked hard to cut the oxygen supplies( foreign funding) of anti national NGOs, media people and Lutyen's leeches....maybe he is ahead of his times but if he manages to wrest India from the clutches of the Leftists (playing to China gallery) and the Congress ( playing to Islamic gallery) then India may find its stride as a confident and proud Nation. Tathastu.

1. Senior CBI officer - Ranjit Sinha 2. Leader from west - Ahmed Patil on Sonia's behalf. Initially thought it was Sharad Pawar from NCP. 3. Lawyer - Sibal 4. Home Minister opposed to IB manipulation - Shivraj Patil.

As Mahatma Gandhi said 'SatyamevaJayate'.Truth will transcendence all other problems and Modi is going to arise as one of the strongest and most popular leader of mother India. Hail Modi!

Clearly congress had lost the battle much before Modi become PM as these exposer indicating that they were shit scared of him thus entire machinery of corrupt ministers, CBI official, media were hatching conspiracy to stop Modi by hook or crook.Now when the nation knows the facts, masses should ensure that Congress is wiped out to save this nation from vultures.

Nail this Ahmed Patel, give him 3rd degree treatment and he will spill the beans on Mafiosi and her wrong doing.

Ahmed Patel belongs to the innermost circle of Sonia Gandhi.Nothing can move in Congress party without her consent.So,Ahmed Patel's actions are with full knowledge of Sonia Gandhi.

Ahmed Patel was actually running the Govt in proxy with blessings from witch Sonia,both Modi&Hindu haters.A cycle pump inserted in Ahmed's rectum&pumped hard by an army soldier will make him sing loudly

So many has happened Still Modi is keeping quite for 2 years since taking power. Order an enquiry into these events Take the cong goons to court Do not keep crying


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