Modi’s war on two fronts enters decisive phase

Modi’s war on two fronts enters decisive phase

By MADHAV NALAPAT | NEW DELHI | 28 February, 2016
Madhav Nalapat
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Pakistan GHQ is intensifying the efforts of its ‘non-terror front’.
Officials in India and in partner countries conducting the ongoing War on Terror on ISIS and similar elements warn that the concentration of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) effort on a few students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) may be making them lose sight of a far bigger challenge to national security. This is “the intensification of the Non-Terror Front (NTF) by the Pakistan army’s GHQ at Rawalpindi and its associated organisations”, such as the ISI and numerous NGOs spread across both India as well as in Europe and the United States. Earlier, The Sunday Guardian had drawn attention to a coming “Summer of Discontent” that would witness an artificially created public unrest on a scale designed to “distract and weaken the agencies of the state” and to “throw cold water on the ‘India Story’ showcased by Prime Minister Modi to global investors” (Multiple groups plan hot summer for Modi, 7 February, 2015). Officials are dismayed at, for example, the “seeming reluctance of the Haryana authorities to accept that the recent violence (in the name of reservation for a particular community) was not accidental but deliberate”, or that “the most deadly acts of violence were planned and funded by cash originating from the narcotics industry in Punjab and Rajasthan”. They add that “planning for the violence took place in Dubai and Mumbai”, and that “there is proof via intercepts and travel records to identify the ringleaders behind the violence”. 
However, “these are being protected from enquiry by hawala dealers laundering narcotics cash, and who are close to the officials going slow on action against the ringleaders responsible for the sabotage, arson, loot, rape indulged in by an anti-national clique that acted under cover of the caste agitation”. The Jat community has done yeoman service to India in wartime and their patriotism is stellar. The community, as a whole, would never act in a way designed to weaken India, a country they have served with distinction. Hence, these officials point out, “those few—including many non-Jats—who were responsible for planning and funding the planned acts of violence seen in Haryana and Rajasthan need to be booked rather than allowed a free pass”. Not taking action “would embolden GHQ Rawalpindi to intensify violent stirs across the country”. 
The national and international officials spoken to point to violent incidents that have taken place also in Rajasthan as well as through a stir by Kapu leaders in Andhra Pradesh. These “show evidence of the presence of infiltrators in the ISI’s Non-Terror Wing (NTW), who are using the cover of the agitation to create violence and mayhem across a state that has once again caught the attention of investors globally”. Experts in Counter-Terror Operations (CTOs) express dismay “at the swift conclusion by Maharashtra authorities that the recent fire at a Make in India show was an accident”. According to them, it was providential that “hundreds were not killed in the fire and indeed there were zero casualties” thanks to the absence of panic by the audience and the efficiency of the fire brigade, but “such an outcome seems to have prevented a comprehensive enquiry into what was a devastating incident and to take strong action against those guilty of causing the fire”, even if this were caused only through negligence and not by design. They point out that “whether it is deliberate or accidental can only be found out by a comprehensive enquiry of the depth and reach of a potential counter-terror operation, rather than treating it as a routine matter” simply because there were zero casualties.
According to an international source, GHQ has a ten-point plan to create economic and social chaos in India “soon after the Union Budget gets passed”, and when the economy gets poised for take-off because of investor interest and confidence in a government headed by Narendra Modi. These are: (1) speculative fever funded by operators close to the hawala and narcotics lobby, leading to high prices of essential items; (2) focus on decline in job creation caused by Chicago School economic policies; (3) uptick in the generation of unrest in Kashmir; (4) fanning of radicalism in Punjab on the 1980s Zia-ul-Haq model; (5) terror attacks by ISI-linked groups; (6) efforts at restarting NSCN(K) violence in the Northeast; (7) infiltrating workers’ groups to press for violent action on the lines of the Haryana agitation; (8) use of NGOs to give a negative picture of the government, thereby affecting its morale and possibly its response; (9) campus unrest on an all-India scale; and (10) a global campaign to label India as a country that is intolerant of women, children, the underprivileged and minorities. 
According to those tracking such developments, “the narcotics lobby in India has promised funding for such operations” as the distraction created by such tumult draws attention away from them as well as serves to enervate and, in some cases, even paralyse the working of security agencies, including the police and paramilitary forces. 
Taking a cue from the disruption caused during the August 1974 railway strike of two million workers of this priceless national asset, GHQ Rawalpindi, through its platforms in India, “is looking into ways of ensuring that violent and complete strikes take place” in railways, banking and road transport industries, “thereby burying the India Story for a long time to come”. Unfortunately, the ascendancy of Milton Friedman economic theories in North Block and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has led for over a decade to policies that inhibit growth in the name of battling inflation. The RBI’s substitution of the Consumer Price Index for the Wholesale Price Index (which has been in negative territory for more than a year) has resulted in an interest rate policy that has choked demand and therefore private investment. If newspaper reports are correct, the Economic Advisor to the Ministry of Finance considers 70% of the population of this country to be well-off, something that will be news to hundreds of millions within or close to the margins of poverty defined in any rational way. As a consequence, there has been an absence thus far of the tax cuts and other investment-boosting mechanisms needed to achieve Prime Minister Modi’s wholly achievable target of at least 10 million jobs each year. Some experts worry that in actual fact, jobs have actually declined over the past two years, thanks to UPA-era policies that are yet to be jettisoned by North Block. It is estimated that even more jobs, 12 million annually, are needed to ensure that the young entering the job market be each given gainful occupations. Some officials in the economic ministries appear to be assuming that India is similar to 1970s South America (where there were authoritarian governments able to suppress dissent) and that therefore the effect on tens of millions of potentially volatile citizens of deflationary policies can be ignored. They need to understand that Prime Minister Modi is fully committed to democratic values and practices in sync with his call for “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” and that therefore to create a policy matrix ignoring social impact is wrong. Such Chicago School types are ignoring even the factor of negative rural demand caused by two drought years and three drought seasons in their deflationary zeal. Such an approach is inadvertently feeding into GHQ’s plans to create unrest and chaos through its Non-Terror Wing. 
2016 is a year crucial for not simply the political fortunes of the BJP but the very future of India. This is a year where Prime Minister Modi will need to ensure the defeat of not only the Terror Front but the Non-terror front as well. This will require a close examination of existing personnel and policies and their replacement by those suited to the 21st century and to the human and security needs of the 1.26 billion people of India, whatever be their religion or state. Given the experience of Gujarat, where Year 3 and Year 4 of the Modi era saw remarkable improvements in the policy matrix, there is optimism that 2016 will witness the transformational change that voters in India have been anticipating since 2014.

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Hope Narendra Modi reads this timely article by Madhav Nalapat.

If Mr. Modi has to read this article to find out about this problem, than we are in sh.t trouble. I am sure if anybody in India can stop these Evil Forces , he CAN.

That is where we need to amend ourselves. Why should Mr. Modi only need to do everything, the country is equally our responsibility. We have to boldly denounce the politics of derailing India from its track of progress. History of Traitors of the nation is nothing new for India. Kanhaiya, Communists, Congress etc. are just new names. We have to raise our voice to deter these forces.

You are absolutely right boss, the strength and integrity of a country lies in the hands of it's citizens, we just cannot leave our responsibilities solely at the hands of our PM/PRESIDENT.. we should be aware and smart enough to decide our priorities and demands... problems regarding job availability and insufficient resources prevail just because we have no control at our population, and i am seriously amazed, that why don't people pay attention to this simple and basic fact??..

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Well written. The thing to understand is : it suits the CHURCH AND SAUDI both to have a weak India...where else will either get the converts they want. And in this bidding for converts, folks like the GANDHI FAMILY AND ITS COTORIE OF POLITICINAS, NEW CONVERTS LIKE Ambica Soni, Pranoy Roy, Rajdeep S. , Barkha etc profit and get rich. Karma is slow ...but it comes.

Even if we agree that Church and Saudi wants to see India weak, we can understand their motives,,,But what is the motive of Sangh affiliates to create trouble for the efforts of Govt..

And qgat exactly is Sangh doing to weaken India and its prospects?

What sangh did? LIke medical christianity and muslim jihadis did sangh killed or burnt anyone? this is called blind opinion without applying any sense just want to abuse sangh like rahul vince aka pappu

Your question is a disguised attempt at finger pointing from behind a closed door. If you have an accusation, Speak whats on your mind directly.

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Well written. The thing to understand is : it suits the CHURCH AND SAUDI both to have a weak India...where else will either get the converts they want. And in this bidding for converts, folks like the GANDHI FAMILY AND ITS COTORIE OF POLITICINAS, NEW CONVERTS LIKE Ambica Soni, Pranoy Roy, Rajdeep S. , Barkha etc profit and get rich. Karma is slow ...but it comes.

Lots of criticism of Rajan. But what exactly do we want? Swamy says interest rates are too high. Prof Vaidyanathan wants even higher interest rates to encourage household savings. Swamy wants strong rupee, but does he realize that lowering interest rates will decrease value of rupee? In my view, Rajan's approach of having is 4% inflation target is reasonable.


Agree to disagree is nothing wrong. Previous commentators have given a balanced view about their agreement or disagreement. But you are writing superlative criticism using terms like chamcha. If you know economy give your views and if you are ignorant about economy please dont write nonsense. The economy which you try to subscribe has already been implement by previous regimes and still inflation is increasing simultaneously individual income is also increasing.

yes interest rates too high , rajan himself said it 1-1.12 rupee more then inflation to keep FDI inflow, but remember why do we depend too much on FDI, and its not even FDI its FII . Strong rupee is depend on import export numbers, effective exchange rate, we need forex reserve , 4% inflation in short term its the best thing that we can do. low interest rate will give more gdp, more jobs, more savings.....

Lowering interest rate always strengthen the currency, so if Rajan lowering interest rate, it will strengthen Rupee.

A very competent expose by an honest journalist-such a rare phenomenon in contemporary India. The orchestrated campaign on few unfortunate and sporadic incidents have been blown up out of all proportions by politicians, unacademic low-grade academics and a dishonest media all flaunting their loyalty to "progressive" and "secular" Jihadi forces. Largely it is an inevitable outcome of a political system created and sustained on a particular communal vote bank whose basic loyalty is with the Islamic Ummah. Before partition there was just one Muslim League and a weak and vacillating Congress which too had showed its commitment to Khilafat. Now there are many more Muslim League minded political parties operating under the cover of a "secular" and "left-liberal" banner. An effective campaign to expose these anti-national and anti-Hindu elements must go on. History text books need to be replaced and all those trying to create chaos and help anti India elements must be brought to book.

Well said. Two suggestions. Anticipate (we can now days get enough intelligence inputs) and warn all concerned including public on expected events. Do not respond, instead go on offensive, may by even before. In the case of Rohith, the govt could have easily gone ahead with political rallies organising the dalits in hyderabad, including roping in his parents if possible, and asking the public not to fall prey to false tears by other parties,

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A very dangerous trend Why Don't Mr Nalapat bring tothe attention of the PM

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A very dangerous trend Why Don't Mr Nalapat bring tothe attention of the PM

A very dangerous trend Why Don't Mr Nalapat bring tothe attention of the PM

Need to take cue from this . It is now or never otherwise this great country will be destroyed. Time for urgent action

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Is Godse's glorification, fake beef & aklakh's murder at Dadri, mohsin sheikh's murder in pune, SC/ST/OBC's subjugation, vyapam scam in MP, Farmer's suicides, not punishing the instigator's & perpetrators of hate & violence etc are planned by outsiders or the so- called nationalists. Pl. Don't try to divert the attention from core issues.

Nearly all those social ills you list out were there during the UPS/Congress regime - started and fanned by Congress. In fact, farmer's suicide started and escalated during Congress rule , and caste wars became full-blown also during Congress rule decades ago. At that time, how come you never came forward with the list of complaints? As for the rest of the list, I'll add the 'glorification of Muslim terrorists and ISIS and Al-Queda' in India by JNU students and anti-national muslims living in India (including the Bollywood muslim clans), dozens of BJP/RSS grassroot workers across the country murdered by Muslims, constant calls by muslims in India and elsewhere for the dissection of India, Bollywood anti-India, anti-Hindu movies financed by ISIS and Al-queda and Pakistan funds, etc....if you add these and many more, the list of threats to India grows longer. Poor PM Modi really has even bigger challenge to face.

Dear Reader, Don't get carried away by the intensity and scale of coverage of Media of the list of issues, which you hv listed and are seeing in the Media. The caste & religious discrimination issues are condemnable (BJP did not rule the country for 15 or 20 yrs, in which case these will be wiped out, don't forget congress ruled the country for 60 yrs & you hv to ask them why the discrimination wiped out) have always existed in India even under UPA regime. When UPA was ruling there are serious scams involving lakhs of crores of loot of natural resources by the UPA ministers & historic shame like the lack of preparation of India for CWG. Hence no space in the Media to talk such caste / discrimination issues in UPA regime. Have you wondered how many dalits & under privileged died everyday during the road & train accidents in India during the last 60 years of rule by Congress. Why only a Rohit Vemula matters for the opposition. During NDA rule, there is no head line making scam like 2G or Coal Gate or Spectrum dole outs or Chopper gate scams. Opposition parties worried of Modi's popularity and ganging up on issues like intolerance/ JNU/ Rohit Vemula against the govt ((preventing the passage of important laws like GST, which will resurrect the Indian economy, providing jobs to millions of Indians, including the SC/ST & OBCs))., suggests no serious scams under NDA, which involves looting of the state's resources & opposition looking for ways to arrest Modi's & other honest BJP leaders' popularity. BTW, if you read unbiased publications, you will find it is the MP CM, who was asking for SIT in to Vyapam scam.

Sounds very diabolical.Govt should stand up to this and should start punishing those who are responsible.This is also time for the govt to catch the corrupt and put them behind bars.


Of course the war is on two fronts. War on terror can not be won without dismantling NTW cells. Wish all the best if govt considers your analysis.

Owners of the Indian MSM are giving oxygen to these anti-Indians. They are either unaware or are unable to Comprehend that the potential destruction of their own country has started. They are like turkeys waiting for Christmas.

We need more and more people like this author to come out in open and make gereral populace aware of the dangerous times we are heading towards. God bless India !!!

Why no mention of BJP's own GHQ in RSS advancing their own sinister designs?

Out of mind for calling RSS sinstet

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If Modi really wants to achieve what he plans to do, the first thing he should do is to control the fringe from Sangh Parivar. He may need lots of effort to manage sinister machinations of external forces and even you can say opposition parties. But when he is not in the position to control his own people then why blame others..???

After a through analysis of several comments, tweets and their patterns and responses for the messages, it is confirmed that there are real ISI terror desk personnel using disguised names in these forums and tweets. They are operating from unofficial-offices of ISI terrorist organisations in Dubai; Some are working professionals of Pakistan origin residing in Western Countries (including UK, USA, Cananda, few European countries and one or more people from Australia too) . Some are from Kashmir and some are from Pakistan soil itself. Some brainwashed terrorists linked to Indian muslims from Kerala, Hyderabad and Karnataka are also involved in these hate-india and spread hatred campaigns. From Dadri to JNU rows, the Govt intelligence organisations should analyse the tweeks and Facebook posts much detailed manner to narrow down these terrorists and destabilising activities against India. These terrorists are educated and trained professionals. They are constantly involved in spreading ISI ideology across the world including trying to prevent Jonalad Trump's US presidential nominations. Sometimes they are even trying to provoke Indian muslims and communities each other against some subtle societal differences but using clever hate terminologies as if used by other Hindus are Christians. Unfortunately even educated Indian communists, leftists and so called Congress idelogy people seem become their easy prey and getting sidelining with these ISI funded or supported or incited terror campaigns. These ISI Islamic radical terrorists intend to destroy peace in this planet.

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Bharat was poaching ground for various faiths , and Hinduism was weak and poor for centuries. The land has awaken to claim its righful space in planet , needless to expect anything less.

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Looks like Mr modi and India is the only country where the whole world and the Congress party is after kind of sound funny where for every problem their is a conspiracy against Mr midi and India. Wake up guys every country have enemies and problems . A got have to tackle them.what is bjp doing to aap party is prime example


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