JNU bent rules to give hostel rooms to Umar Khalid, D. Raja’s daughter

JNU bent rules to give hostel rooms to Umar Khalid, D. Raja’s daughter

By ABHINANDAN MISHRA | NEW DELHI | 28 February, 2016
The allocation of hostel rooms to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students Umar Khalid and Aparajita Raja, who according to their fellow students participated in the pro-Afzal Guru protests on 9 February, has shed light on how the university administration is relaxing existing guidelines to accommodate local students. Umar Khalid, a PhD student, whose family lives at Zakir Nagar in South Delhi, has been staying at room number 168 of the Tapti hostel, in spite of being a resident of Delhi, at a time when thousands of outstation students have been living outside of the campus for lack of hostel rooms. As per the JNU hostel manual, which is approved by the executive council of the university, students coming from outside of Delhi are to be given preference over local students when it comes to allocating hostel rooms. The local students, as per the rules, are to be considered for accommodation only after non-Delhi students have been accommodated.
Students seeking hostel rooms have been divided into three priorities, P-1, P-2 and P-3. According to the manual, first priority (P-1) is given to students who are enrolled for “full-time programmes and who have passed their qualifying examination from places outside Delhi and are not residents of Delhi. The second priority (P-2) is given to those outstation students who are enrolled for a programme at a level at which the student already has a degree or has pursued studies in JNU (at the same level) with hostel accommodation, and the third (P-3) is for students of V and XI Semester M.A., V Semester M.Phil, IX Semester Ph.D., local students in that order.”
The third category comes into play only when students in the first two categories have been allotted rooms. There are about 5,500 hostel rooms in JNU and many of JNU’s present students come from outside of Delhi and are entitled to hostel rooms. For the lack of accommodation, they stay in PGs and dormitories outside.
Similar to Umar Khalid, Aparajita Raja, who too is pursuing a PhD, has been staying on campus, in room number 261 of the Koyna hostel. Her father, D. Raja, has been a Rajya Sabha member from the Communist Party of India (CPI) since July 2007. D. Raja was re-elected to the Upper House in July 2013. Raja occupies a government accommodation on posh Rafi Marg in Lutyens’ Delhi. It was allotted to him when he became a Rajya Sabha member.
Both Umar Khalid and Aparajita Raja, as per the rules laid down by the hostel manual, are P-3 students. JNU has been facing a shortage of hostel rooms for a long time because of which in January last year, students of the university had gone on an indefinite hunger strike demanding the expansion of hostel-capacity. The shortage of hostel rooms for those who really need these has always been an emotive issue in university elections. The hostel rent for students staying on campus is Rs 240 a year for a room with one bed and Rs 120 a year for a room with two beds. Conversely, the rent of a one-room accommodation in the nearby Katwaria Sarai, Munirka and Bersarai, where most JNU students who do not get hostel accommodation stay, is around Rs 6,000 per month.

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Self declared champions of the toiling masses live in Lutyens mansions. Kya bat hai.

Revealing info on J N U hostel accommodation policy. The politicos break the law & cry hoarse on issues by raising them based on their political ambition.

JNU activities are very shameful with more & more exposures. I thin abt ₹20/- per month rent in Munirka, while I paid ₹8000/- per month,- for similar 1room accommodation in Munirka. Instead, Nat Def Acad be brought here and JNU shifted there with rooms to all research students.

JNU Management should explain as to who gave instructions to bypass the rules to give accommodation to students who do more politics than study.Moreover Govt should adjust hostel charges according to market rates.

Obviously MSM is silent on this.MSM busy projecting Kanhaiya and khalid as next Kejriwal.D Raja who never tires of showing off his credentials of a " poor mass leader" should answer this.Or at least few TV anchors on so many should ask him this question.He seems to be a regular fixture on so many TV shows.

Their intention is never to study, but come here to do politics and disturb the students who are keen in studies. Why tax payer pay for their politics. These kinds of activities should never be entertained on the campus and no rules should be bent. The hostel allocation must be transparent and audited on yearly basis.

These r parasites of the system perpetuated by Congees n Commies. Need to pulverise n rewamp the system & flushout all parasites n termites lodged there!

JNU should publish the details like total number of the students studying, total rooms available, how much rooms allotted , laid down policy for accommodations with copy/ies of relative resolutions passed by the authority with latest one, deviations made if any, names of the students who are/were allotted rooms out of turn and with whose recommendations.Further, there should be some full proof policy with reservations in allocation of the rooms to dalits like SC/ST/OBCs etc. they must be provided priority. (BTW I am not a member of dalit class)

These students stay in the hostels by joining some or the other courses, for years together. They nurture the ideologies of their political masters.Further, the university and hostels must stop accommodating students on the recommendations of MPs & MLAs.

IF PhD scholars are getting grants better they be given free accommodation. Collection and accounting of that 20rs per month itself may not be covered within that.

This is a secular decision. We unwashed Indians should not question it.

Utter dis regard to not only laid down guide lines by the authorities, but also total blind folded approach to humanity.

How can such biased happened with eligible students... Useless crap like umar n Raja stayed in hostel despite having posh homes in Dehli... No surprise that they can't digest free education, free stay n vomiting venom against Hindustan... Typical snakes of leftist!

This is false propagnda by upper caste ,rightist hindus against poor students fighting manuvad, brahmamvad.this is what they are going to say ,double standards by commies

Let students residing in Delhi stay in their houses and not in hostel. If they stay in hostel, they should pay rent at market rates. Similarly why taxpayers should subsidise anti-national students of JNU. Let students pay fees at market ratres and then study.

These Communists are as selfish and corrupt as the Congressmen.But they talk big.

modi must reply. sb mile hue h ji. ye sb se bada scam h. jantar mantar mai milo dharna krenge.

Rs 240 per month is ridiculously low. It's cheaper than the cost of commuting for Umar Khalid. That's one reason he is staying there. Other than the fact that he is on the payroll of Kashmiri separatists and who knows who else. As for the students in our universities- The students should be given community service to do to make up for the loss to tax payers. Why aren't the activists thinking of this? They government should suggest this to civic society and make it happen.

Suspend the officials who alloted rooms to these scoundrels by bending/breaking rules. Rusticate the errant students and kick them out of JNU.

Arre bhai politicians can loot the country. Nobody should raise their voice. Even Lalu's grand daughter was occupying bunglow of Govt...so its no an offence...

Its all non sense the right has an agenda.leftist are saving the nation by fighting against state of india.JNU is the only university where party parasites have all the previlage and can persue their political career than acedemics.

Have you checked how many students stay in JNu and how room is allocated. Please check facts and then come out report.

Mr. D.Raja Rajya Sabha member who at the drop of a hat quotes and cites rules is silent on his Daughter occupying the Hostel at JNU in spite of he having a bungalow in Delhi as as MP. Members should raise this issue in Rajya Sabha this atrocious no body can question them then they raise freedom of speech with the Media trumpeting their voice it is a Shame on us the citizen of India at who tax paying money the JNU is running which is being misused by inferential MP's to suit their whims and fancies.

Shut JNU for three months all pampered will realise what itmeans tofight against state.

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