ED tries to identify Rs 708 cr as crime proceeds in Bhujbal case

ED tries to identify Rs 708 cr as crime proceeds in Bhujbal case

Chhagan Bhujbal.

The Enforcement Directorate is struggling to get answers from Chhagan Bhujbal even though a fortnight has passed after the arrest of this Nationalist Congress Party leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra in a multi-crore rupees scam. ED officials say that the scam-accused politician is silent and is refusing to co-operate with the agencies. According to the ED’s remand application to the Special PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) court, “His attitude reveals non-cooperation towards the investigation only to hide true facts pertaining to the case.” The ED has so far identified and provisionally attached “crime proceeds” worth Rs 131. 86 crore. The agency is now looking at identifying Rs 708 crore as crime proceeds. Meanwhile, the uncle-nephew duo of Chhagan Bhujbal and Sameer Bhujbal will spend some more time at the Arthur Road prison in judicial custody. The special PMLA court extended their custody until 13 April, even as Chhagan Bhujbal has appealed to the court to allow him to meet his lawyer in private. “I urge you to treat my requests sympathetically,” he told the court during his deposition via video conferencing from Arthur Road prison.

The ED is now looking into complaints of placing, channelling and layering the “proceeds of crime”, allegedly by the Bhujbals, in the names of many former public servants, associates and trusted persons. It is also looking at possible money laundering by the politician during the awarding of the contract for a Central library at the Kalina University. The Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau recently filed a chargesheet against him for giving the contract to a private contractor through conspiracy and forgery of documents, thus leading to huge losses to the public exchequer.

The agency is yet to identify and attach a property worth Rs 708 crore belonging to the politician and his family members. The Bhujbals have been accused of massive money laundering and taking kickbacks for awarding government contracts. So far, various agencies have filed four chargesheets against the Bhujbals. The ED has identified and attached Rs 131 crore as “proceeds of crime”.

Meanwhile, the original complainant in the case, Preeti Sharma-Menon, has told the court that the witnesses were being threatened and harassed. “A witness, who has given all true information on record, is now being pressurised to withdraw his statement. He faces suspension from service, which has been done at the behest of the Bhujbals,” she said. She has also filed an intervention application before the special PMLA court stating this. The court will hear the matter at the next date.

Chhagan Bhujbal has pleaded to the court that he is suffering from a list of ailments and should be allowed to use a bed in prison. He and his nephew Sameer have been lodged in Mumbai’s Arthur Road prison after being arrested by the Enforcement Directorate on charges of money laundering and fraud to the tune of crores of rupees.

At present, the ED is investigating complaints regarding corruption in giving contracts for the construction of Maharashtra Sadan, and for the Hexworld Project in Rohinjan, Navi Mumbai. “The total proceeds of crime quantified in this complaint amount to Rs 840.16 crore. Out of this, the proceeds of crime identified and provisionally attached so far amount to Rs 131.86 crore. They include land, fixed deposits, a sugar factory, flats and a bungalow,” an ED official said.

So far, in the chargesheet filed against Chhagan Bhujbal and 54 others in the Maharashtra Sadan case, the ED has named corporations like Balwa Group, D.B. Realty, Neelkamal Realtors Pvt Ltd, Kakade Infrastructure. It has also named Vinod Goenka and Asif Balwa. The agency has said that the politician and his family routed the laundered money through Kolkata.

The ED has told the court, “In view of the evidence collected and money trail available so far, there are reasons to believe that Chhagan Bhujbal is guilty of the offence of money laundering. The huge cash generation in the case of RTO/Maharashtra Sadan case was only possible due to Bhujbal occupying a very high position in the then Government of Maharashtra. Being an influential person, he may influence the other witnesses or tamper with the evidence, if allowed to remain at large.”

In 2014, the Bombay High Court had constituted a Special Investigation Team comprising the Director General of the Anti Corruption Bureau, Mumbai, and Director, ED to inquire into the allegations made against Bhujbal and his family.

The ACB had then registered two FIRs on 8 June 2015 and 11 June 2015 against him, his family members and some of his employees. The allegations were regarding scams during his tenure as the Minister for Maharashtra Public Works Department. Soon after that, the Navi Mumbai police registered an FIR against Sameer Bhujbal, Pankaj Bhujbal, Rajesh Dharap, Satyen Kesarkar and Amit Balraj on charges of awarding projects to contractors in lieu of cash.

ED officials said that a former employee of Chhagan Bhujbal’s education institute, MET, had disclosed that huge leather bags containing crores of rupees were daily stashed at the MET office in Mumbai.

“The money trail established so far has led to a web of companies, some of which exist on paper while the others are non-existent,” an ED official said. “It appears that Chhagan Bhujbal is the prime mover behind the generation of the proceeds of crime by misusing his position as a minister in the Maharashtra government,” a lawyer representing ED said.


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The trail of money laundering must be established and the guilty must be given a fitting punishment so that others will not dare. Looters and family of public money should be ostracised from the society,

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The red spectrum lighting is more to the stages in plant growth where flowers and fruit are developing. The two most popular varieties of grow lights add the blue light which is a narrow spectrum light along with the red light which may be the wide spectrum light. Ufo led grow light LED lights don't burn out abruptly unlike other styles of lighting. Apart from low energy consumption, these lights offer the added advantage of low beam temperature which is not the case with other sources of light. With a log 'planted' with mushrooms, some moisture, as well as a shady spot indoors, gourmet mushrooms may be grown at the fraction in the expense they cost to buy. The share market news includes each of the present situation of some companies, ups and downs with the market and share price of companies. Led grow light review opened [<a href="http://www.lynx.org/outlink.php?protocol=13b817c83c33e6d09f7ec808634ae138&url=ledgrowlightsgo.com/cheap-top-led-">www.lynx.org</a>] This process 'increases' both speed and simply as importantly exposure.

Direct comparisons between premium and "bargain" HDMI cables by online sources like Popular Mechanics prove this theory over and over. In yesteryear with DVD technology the audio had to become squeezed to fit within the disc. hdmi to dvi walmart - http://whois.zunmi.com/?d=rcatohdmi.com/hdmi-to-dvi-adapter-cable to rca converter It comes with a advanced refresh rate of 60Hz plus a bandwidth of 340 MHz. HDMI is short for high-definition multimedia interface and DVI means digital visual interface. The DLNA capability on the Panasonic Viera TX-L32G20B enables much easier networking through other DLNA technologies.

She finally g&ETH;&frac34;t h&ETH;&micro;r f&Ntilde;&#150;rst big break in the hit movie, The Sisterhood &ETH;&frac34;f the Traveling Pants I and II. I believe dreams and goals pull me toward the future, and I have and will continue to learn from my past. Jamaica gossip gossip9 hot news - https://Www.Facebook.com/l.php?u=http%253A%252F%252Fbigmarriage.com/%E7%B5%90%E5%A9%9A%E3%81%A7%E3%81%8D%E3%81%AA%E3%81%84%E7%94%B7-%E5%8B%95%E7%94%BB While for some people shedding pounds is through intensive exercise, for others a fun game might also be a great alternative. Mary is very sad, very respected on their own, may they always embarrassing myself from this depression into the disease, Xiaoli could not eat or sleep, do not even want to go to work. Jamaican gossip news Whatever you decide to carry out, if you find yourself and others that are gossiping in relation to another staff or perhaps co-worker, envision the method that you would sense when they had been communicating the identical way in relation to people after which starting people impulse on this. On paper, workplace mobbing is obviously a serious issue with potentially dire consequences.

After you've got installed an excellent looking grille, the following step is always to protect it from damage. Explore new approaches to improve your automobile with trendy aftermarket accessories to allow it to be yours. The most powerful <a href="http://www.supremesearch.net/Rank.php?URL=www.nerftoy.com/best-nerf-guns-ever">how nerf Gun works years</a> gun It created throughout these additions may consequence for the greatest return over investment via a few in the long-term benefits. To build enthusiasm many organisations also let employees define the prizes. A judge will decide their fate throughout their next court hearing and that is scheduled for April 14.

The objective would be to draw tattoo on the customer’s arm by moving your mouse over the tattoo design outline. When the mission is best mouse try - http://www.mobypicture.com/user/miceihelen/mentioned control then it is incredibly important to start from your very beginning. It’s even truer for gamers that have to spend their very own money. In addition, this electronic victor mouse trap is re-usable and not only apply it until your house is clear of rodents, but in addition use it years later if mice ever return. You won’t discover the complex flying controls like other simulation games this is really a straightforward point and shoot game.

But in reality the so-called Taiwan's bags are Huangyan, Yuhuan area produced, but also may be customized. Wi-Fi can link camera to dedicated app on the smart phone or tablet. Karl: How fast will we can set up a strong team in US who will design more innovative products and gives better service. One through the crucial elements of deciding on the acceptable locksmith want to complete the position may become the price for the lock specialist service. It truly is significant which the locksmith company has sufficient technical abilities concerning the type of auto and accessories on which they are going to work with. In western society the sitting position is utilized due towards the amenities ship to compared to Japanese toilets where usage requires squatting. Best brand of security cameras <a href="http://vancouver-webpages.com/cgi-bin/node-info?securitycamerawifi.com/top-5-wireless-security-cameras-2014">best wifi cameras 2016</a> From latest virus attack to latest device, tech blogs offer all sorts of recent updates.

Generally you are able to get a fantastic SLR macro flower lens approximately $300 - $500. Kids' crafts may use up a never-ending method of getting flower images. flower zodiac - http://www.mrsite.co.uk/uforum/Default.aspx?siteid=eumfccom&domain=flowerthere.com/rose-images&isblack=&hurl=&sec=showthread&id=112212 headbands Calla lilies are favourites for beach weddings, tropical weddings, or merely as way to decorate up the place. Hopefully, you never have certainly one of those pictures of dogs playing poker. These the specific rare scilla, an individual's poppy-flowered anemone, specific Iris Sibirice, your delphinium, a narcissus, together with rose.

The lighter weight might help users might be more easier to support it. During the last couple of years <a href="http://ttlink.com/securityogene">wireless Wifi ip camera</a> surveillance cameras are getting to be considerably more widespread. Installing a Jumicam is very simple which is completely automated. This will go beyond shorter ranges but offer faster speeds, potentially around 7GBps. ll should go to some short URL for the Mac to download the desktop part on the installer, meaning the Mac i - Pad must be over a single Wi-Fi network.

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Being prepared every time a disaster occurs may be easy in the event you know the best way to store food and what types you ought to purchase. coli&mdash;the harmful bacteria that creates illness for nearly 73,000 Americans annually. Expiring s well known that the cortisol levels constantly fluctuate, according to your time of day. So, it really is both the nose plus the mouth which help our thoughs identify and differentiate between your various tastes which exist. Be careful to never let the knife pierce from the mango skin and for your palm. Many professional and experienced finance experts try to have the people aware regarding the present economical condition in the world. Beer worked (<a href="http://twotentwice.com/faqs/">http://twotentwice.Com/</a>) What is quite common, folks who read a good deal about sports news will not do any sports actually.

Does the visible difference in price reflect the quality within the HDMI cable. DVD player images are generally scaled while using the HDMI output to show high resolution videos in your screen with all the green, red and blue cables. Mini hdmi svideo to hdmi cable adapter - https://twitter.com/kkish12/status/469079942697713664 rca converter He has a excellent information about all form of HDMI Cables & computer accessories like AC Power Cord Splitter, USB 3. It reduces any voltage drop that's common with all the ordinary power supplies and prevents unexpected rebooting from the device. Playing games, watching movies, sorting files and pictures are simply some with the activities which can be made easier.


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