Brahmins demand reservations

Brahmins demand reservations

Around 2,500 Brahmins from Delhi-NCR will hold a conference on Sunday.
After the Patidars in Gujarat and Jats in Haryana, Brahmins have now begun demanding reservations for the caste in government institutions and jobs. In a first, around 2,500 Brahmins from across Delhi-NCR, under the banner of the All India Brahman Jagruti Sanstha, are expected to participate in a conference here on Sunday to demand reservations. The conference is solely dedicated to the Brahmin fraternity.
Members of the Sanstha, a five-year-old non-political organisation that aims to raise issues concerning the fraternity at the national level, have been demanding for long that the “unfair treatment” meted out to the Brahmins by society at large should be stopped. Dharamvir Bharadwaj, president of the Sanstha, said that the reservation system in the country only creates divisions in society. “Our goal is not reservations, but we know for a fact that the government has no intention to end the reservation system. Thus, we are demanding that reservations should also be given to us because we have now become a minority community in society. Our organisation has given a call to the Brahmin community and we will hold a conference of all Brahmins, where we will debate and demand 25% reservations for Brahmins,” Bharadwaj told The Sunday Guardian. He also claimed that the Brahmin community is one of the weakest in society in terms of financial strength as the “benefits do not reach us”. “Our kids are being deprived of good education and jobs in government institutions because of the reservation system. We do not want them to go through what we have gone through,” Bharadwaj said.
The Brahmins’ conference would discuss and deliberate on the “contours of reservations” that the fraternity is demanding. Anil Kaushik, secretary of the All India Brahman Jagruti Sanstha, said that a memorandum would be submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with their demands. If the demands are not considered favourably, they would start a peaceful agitation to make their voices heard, he said. Mahaveer Sharma, a member of the Sanstha, said: “We have been at the receiving end for the past 65 years. We have suffered, but do not want our children to suffer. The government should also think about us and provide us reservations with immediate effect or bring an end to the system of reservations altogether; otherwise, we will be forced to protest.”

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Reservation should immediately stop as its against the constitution to reserve for any one community. Reservation is against the system, where every body is equal. NO BODY IS MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. WE may need a dictator to bring this end as it may not work for the fairness of the society. Let the country survive on system where only the best gets a job fit for that position.

"Indian civilization is held together by Hindu culture that is by Brahmans".(Max Webr-1986, 17-23) Today wrong votes oriented prioritizes of the state forced the elite class to menial jobs. To state speak of tons of gold, it's the Brahman who safeguarded it for centuries risking there lives, government intern deprived them livelihoods.

It takes a lot of nerve to claim the brahmins are under threat, with Dalits still being systematically abused. The comments from enraged brahmins above demanding a dictatorship or referencing British-era orientalists (where did you leave your nationalism, by the way?) betray a fear of loss of historical privileges, the most ancient apartheid in the history of humanity. Even with the reservation system, Dalit university students are hounded to the point of suicide, like the recent case in Hyderabad, the massacres of the Ranvir sena continue to be unpunished, and much more. The fact that these brahmin meets are "brahmin only" gives lie to the non-political claim. We are talking of the Indian version of the Klu Klux Klan.

Bhrasht Brahmins have been torturing humanity through their inhuman rituals and prathas. Brahmin tried to prove they are above God but they're not.

For More Than 2000-3000 Years Brahmins Dominated Indian Society. They Wrote Books Where They Entitled Brahmins The Superior And Proven That Brahmins Should Be Treated With Respect, Only Brahmins Should Study. Even Today Only "Pandits" Completes "Puja - Path" In Anyone's Marriage, In Mandirs, In Any Kind Of Puja. They Have Got 100% Reservation In These Fields For More Than 5000 Years. They Had Put Other Castes In Threat. They Didn't Let Them Study, They Didn't Let Dalits Grab A Good Post In Society For Many Years. That's Why Today Dalits Are Weaker And They Require Reservation. Now, After Independence When Constitution Helping Dalits To Rise. Brahmins Are Looking Themselves As Losing Domination Over Society. Hence, RSS And BJP Like Parties Today Want Dalits To Be Crushed Back Again. They Want Brahmins Only Kind Of Society. Such Parties And Other Brahmins Are Plotting Background To Stop Reservation System. Non-Brahmins Will Have To Come Together Otherwise They Will Again Lose Their Position And They Will Be Brought Back To A Society Where They Will Be Forced To Do Odd Jobs Only. And Brahmins Dominated Society Will Through Them Out Of Colleges, Schools. Brahmins Have Been Clever From Beginning. Beware Of Brahmins!

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