Rose Valley agents protest at Jantar Mantar

Rose Valley agents protest at Jantar Mantar

By AREEBA FALAK | NEW DELHI | 4 June, 2016
While investigation into the Rose Valley scam continues, harassed agents are now resorting to protests at the Jantar Mantar here against the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) due to non-repayment of their investments currently seized by the Central agencies. Since the companies’ accounts were frozen, the agents could not pay the return amounts they had promised to investors.
“Our lives have been ruined. We have been sitting here for a week now. The government, the agencies and even the media have turned a blind eye towards us. In 2015, the Calcutta High Court had directed the Central agencies to sell Rose Valley assets and return investors’ money. But we did not receive even a single penny last year,” said Harish Kumar, a resident of Noida, who worked as an agent for Rose Valley. The agents allege that the money in the accounts seized has been transferred into the ED’s bank accounts without even notifying the court, even though that money rightfully belongs to the investors.
After the Supreme Court in May 2014 ordered a probe against 24 chit-fund firms in a Rs 1.2-lakh crore financial scandal, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) began ascertaining the total sums stolen from investors. The CBI confirmed that the West Bengal-based Rose Valley group cheated investors to the tune of Rs 17,000 crore, making the chit-fund scam seven times bigger than the Saradha scandal.
The hospitality-to-real estate group robbed millions of investors, most of them from the low-income group, in at least 10 states, including West Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, promising exaggerated returns. Rose Valley is one of the largest companies to run Collective Investment Schemes without the approval of SEBI and is said to have more than one crore investors and over 10 lakh agents.
Vinod Kumar Gupta, who hails from Allahabad and worked as an agent for the Rose Valley group, said, “The chairman of the Rose Valley Group of Companies, Gautam Kundu, is locked in jail. We have received no notifications or any statement from the Central agencies that could inform us about what they will do to return our money and how long  we have to wait for it. The company was running for 22 years, claiming that that they had won the President’s award and nobody bothered to stop them. Even after the illegal status of the company came to light, the hotels etc., continued to operate. This means that the company was still running on investors’ money.” However, some agents were of the opinion that no operations are being conducted by the company anymore. Attempts made to contact SEBI for this did not elicit any answers.
Meanwhile, several reports have surfaced in various affected states of agents being harassed by investors. Agents protesting at Jantar Mantar said that ever since the scam has seen the light of day, around 200 agents in various states have been physically abused by investors and several have been forced to commit suicide.
“Many people here don’t want to go back home because they can’t face the people whom they convinced to invest in a firm that they thought was genuine. The investors don’t know the company people. They only know us. We are at the receiving end of all the anger. Our families live under continuous threat by investors and we can’t do anything about it. We want our money back,” said Gajender Singh, a Rose Valley agent.

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Before few days I told That Where is the news about Return Money of Rose Valley. It is True that The Government, ED, Supreme Court , SEBI and media also ignore agents position. All the agents are suffering in hedech

Why don't this problem solved for such a long times? Who is responsible for this biggest matters of the depositors ? Is there any responsible Indian citizen who can solved this long lying problems for the middle class people that has been dubbed by the Rose valley group of companies,or should we bring another lawyer from foreign land to settled this case. Thousands of people ruined and lost their future. Dear responsible bureaucrats,Top businessman and High level NGO'S please let this case be settled at the earliest. Your Faithfully Neikhote Kepfoh ( Nagaland) 8452976723

काले धन पर अंकुश लगाना बहोत अच्छी बात है अंकुश लगने से देश प्रगति करेगा..पर सरकार जो कर रही है उसे अाप क्या कहोगे..काले धन पर अंकुश लगाने की अाड मे वो गरीबों का शोषण कर रही है।सेबी जिसे सरकार द्वारा अधिकार प्राप्त हैं वो कं0 पर अपना शिकंजा कसने के बाद उसकी तमाम सम्पत्तियो को अपने अधीन कर लेती है फिर उन सम्पत्तियो की वैल्यू निकाल कर उस केस को 10-12-15 सालो तक खीचती है..इतने सालो के बाद जब पैसा देने की बात अाती है तो सेबी पुराने वैल्यू के हिसाब से पैसा रिटर्न करती है जबकि उसके पास 2 से 3 गुना पैसा मौजूद रहता है। इस बीच मरता है बेचारा गरीब जिसने अपने खून पसीने से कमाई हुई एक-एक पाई को कं0 मे जमा करवाया था। कोई गरीब अपनी बेटी की शादी के लिए किसी ने अपनी पढ़ाई के लिए तो किसी ने अपनी ज़रूरत के तहद पैसा जमा करवाया होता है। पैसा ना मिलने के कारण गरीब दर-2 भटकने को मजबूर हो जाता है तथा कुछ लोग अात्म-हत्या कर लेते हैं। मै सरकार से सवाल करता हूँ कि वो एेसी कं0 का रजि. क्यो करती है..? यदि रजि. करती भी है तो हर साल या 6माह मे कं0 का अाडिट क्यो नही करवाती है...? यदि अाडिट करवाती है तो क्यो 10-12-15 या 25 साल बाद सरकार को होश अाता है कि कं0 मे काला धन लगा है..? इससे तो केवल यह प्रतीक होता है कि पहले सरकार कं0 को कार्य करने देती है अौर जब देखती है कि कं0 के पास अच्छा धन एकतिृत हो चुका है फिर वह उसे अपने शिकंजे मे कसना शुरू करती है तथा कं0 के सारे धन पर काला धन कह कर अपना अधिकार कर लेती है। इन सारी प्रकि्या मे बेचारा गरीब मरता है या वो मरता है जिसकी रोज़ी-रोटी छिन जाती है जो कं0 मे सरकार द्वारा दिया गया रजि0 देखकर कार्य करने आया था। कं0 पर रोक लगने के कारण लाखो लोग बेरोज़गार हो जाते है..उनमे से कुछ आत्म हत्या कर लेते है कुछ इन्वेशटरो की धमकी से घर छोड़ कर चले जाते है तो कुछ लोग अपनी जीविका चलाने के लिए गलत रास्ता चुन लेते है। एैसे मामलो मे मीडिया भी मौन रहती है...क्यो मीडिया ऐसे मामलो को हाईलाईट नही करती है...? क्यो छोटी से छोटी न्यूज़ को बड़ा कर दिखाने वाली मीडिया का ध्यान इधर नही जाता है...? जबकि ये एक बहुत बड़ा मसला है..। अत: मै माननीय सुप्रीम कोर्ट से विनम् निवेदन करता हू कि एैसे मामले का निपटारा जल्द से जल्द किया जाए जिससे कोई व्यक्ति अपनी जान देने पर मजबूर ना हो...। यदि ये पोस्ट अच्छी लगे तो इसको व्हाटस्अप फेसबुक ट्वीटर और जितनी भी सोशल नेटवर्क साईड है उस पर इतना शेयर करो कि ये सुप्रीम कोर्ट के जज तक पहुँच जाये... क्योकि..इक छोटी सी कोशिश से बड़ी कामयाबी मिल जाती है।

Manyday's to go rose valley problem happened,but nobody like media ,political person have no comments about this(how to payment rose valley investorss).please do something for us outherwise agents of rose valley have way only suicide......

Hame hamara pesa kab milega jab uski jarurat khatm ho jayegi tab Ab ki bar rose Valley company se nibesko ka pesa vapas kara yar

hame hamara pesa kab milega jab uski jarurat khatam ho jayegi ya pese milne ke intejar me ham khatam jo jayenge bataiye ham garibo ka kya hoga lakho karodo garibo ka pesa fasa he ye sarkar he ya atyachar ki factory.......

Yes aap ne bhut acha likha Han agar es bar modi sarkar ne kuch nahi kiya to 2017 ke vote main malum padega

Rose valley companies ka Kuch nahi Kiya to agli bar modi sarkar nahi ayegi kiyki jitnebhi mmarketing karnevale he vo sab Naraj he

The investigation agency started verification of rose vally since from the last year till not complete thier investigation and till not submit final report Honorable Prime Minister Modji & Fianance minister Arun Jaitly regarding till Prime minster alone cane solve problem as several investor left their life non received there invested money in time. It is not problem Rose vally it is utterly failure of central agency to find Rose vally crediablity as it is run form the last 19 years. once again request to make immediate arrangement to investor by instructing concerned Central agency as well as concerned State govt.

সাধারণ পাবলিক এর কথা কেউ চিন্তা করে না, তাদের টাকা কিভাবে ফেরত পাবে সেদিকে কোনো আদালতের চিন্তা নেই, সুদু এই নিয়ে রাজনীতি চালছে, সুপ্রিম কার্ট ও ঘুমিয়া মজা ডেক্ছে, গৌতম কুন্ডু তো টাকা ফেরাতে চাইছে , কিন্তু তাকে ফেরাতে দিচ্চে না কেন, এগুলা কি সরকারি অস্সের্ট আছে,

It is earnest request to Modji to resolve issue on utmost priority basis as many agents may make suicide & some of them already done. in this view my earnest request positive response from Modji to deliver positive response cores to investor who are waiting from the last two year for maturity rose vally. word in response is highly appreciated.

Modi ke karykal me pure bharat keep niveshak aur karykarta apne paise ko na pa ker kitne log kall ke mukh me chale gaye .kitno betiyo ki shadi kut gaye aur lakho agents karyakrta be-rojgar ho ker galut line me chale ja rahe hai . jisake Karen pure bharat me be-rojgari aur bhrastachar naamak AATANKI desh keep under paida ho rahe hai. Kya koi sarkar kisi ko dukh de ker kub tak rajya ker lega .


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