WhatsApp group turns coaching centre for poor

WhatsApp group turns coaching centre for poor

By MOHAMMED ANAS | NEW DELHI | 18 June, 2016
Members of the group in Gangoh, Uttar Pradesh.
The group first shared simplified scientific explanations, and soon gained popularity.

A WhatsApp group which started as a leisure activity has turned into a full-fledged coaching centre imparting free coaching of science subjects to economically weak Muslim and Dalit students in Gangoh town of Saharanpur district in Uttar Pradesh.

The group which is weirdly named “l8stScificNtechInvntns” is active and collects donation for the coaching centre.

Wasil Khan Alif, one of the group members, said that their group, which originally shared only latest scientific advancements and easy ways to understand complex scientific concepts, became so popular that people started pressing them to share their knowledge with the students. “And we agreed. And thus a coaching centre imparting free coaching to around 30 students was inaugurated last month,” he said.

Jan Eashwardas, a group member, said that initially all group members saved from their own pockets to arrange science teachers for the centre. “We saved money for this. Some members quit smoking, some others saved money by skipping their cold drinks. This was the only option as most of us are students and we do not earn right now. But once it went on track, people started donating as well,” he said.

Wasil said that as word about their effort spread, a social group, Al Khidmat Welfare Association, Gangoh has come forward to help the coaching centre get registered so that financial assistance flows in.

He said that since Muslims and Dalits are the most backward in the area, the coaching centre aims to assist their children.

Wasil added that the centre is running in a rented accommodation and six teachers—three with BTech degrees, two with MCA, one with MSc— have been hired to teach the basic concepts of science and mathematics to the students of Classes 8, 9 and 10.

“Even a person with an MBA degree has been hired to impart personality development tips to these students who need such grooming,” he said.

The group members such as Jan Eashwardas, Wasil Khan Alif, Hakeem Danish, Hali Manzoor, Abbas Khan Khokhar, Naushad Zeenat, Gaus Mohammed, Javed Iqbal are also creating awareness about the group on Facebook.


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Good job bros

Alkhidmat Team is feeling glad to see it. Thanx for ur support. U did a great job for us. Actually i cant explain in words what we are feeling. Its a big gift for all of us. Thanx again

Allah ap sabke jayej tamannao. Nek eraado ko qubool farmaye. ....... bahut jigar ka uncha kam h

congratulations to all the members for showing how social media can be used constructively...

Feeling great...

Its an best Example,Team work, what our youth can do for our society,thanx Jan Abdullah bhai its not possible without you, wasil khan bhai and team congratulation.

I am very glad that you have published our Foundation news i Thank you very much

Very very thanks sir for our foundation news published in your news paper

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