All the best to Mr Akbar

All the best to Mr Akbar

By EDITOR | | 9 July, 2016

The founder of The Sunday Guardian, M.J. Akbar, is stopping his weekly column Byline as he has been appointed Minister of State for External Affairs in the Narendra Modi government. The Sunday Guardian congratulates Mr Akbar and wishes him success in his new responsibilities.


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Journalism's loss, diplomacy's gain.

His wit and wisdom will surely be missed. His was the one column I avidly read every Sunday and nothing can replace his sharp and crisply phrased thoughts on many and varied subjects. I wish him all success and distinction in his richly deserved new assignment.

My greetings and best wishes for Mr M J Akbar on being appointed as Minister of State for external affairs ,governmnet of India , I am sure his rich experience will greatly benefit to nation. Thanks Ramesh G jethwani, bangalore. NOTE-i am veteran letters to editor writer ,

I have been reading his articles, editorials. Earlier he was in the group of Congress-brand secularists. At that time I did not agree with many of his views. But he has not hesitated to write as his changing views and opinions in the light of the experience he had over the years. Prominent example is his opinion about Narendra Modi. There are few others also in this category whose opinion about Modi has undergone considerable change. This would be natural for people with open mind and open eyes. But to express it does require lot of courage, maturity and boldness. He must have been aware of what allegations he will attract for his changed views, as also for being made Minister at center in Modi government. Good wishes to him in his new role !!

Readers will miss his wits,satire and brilliance. "Sunday Guardian" should live up to the standards set by him.And best wishes for a long and successful stint.MEA may not remain same after your ascension.

Congrats, Akbar! Like so many others, I have been following your scholarly writings with much interest. Week after week. That's not to be now. There's a comforting thought, though. Our loss is gain to the government!

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