Rights body will organise Bhagirath yatra

Rights body will organise Bhagirath yatra


The India Eye International Human Rights Observer, an organisation dedicated to championing the cause of the environment, senior citizens, girl child, the differently-abled and minority tribes, will organise a Bhagirath Yatra from Gomukh to Ganga Sagar.

Rakesh Sharma from the Observer said: “Our mother earth is suffocating and we are all busy waiting for someone else to come and save it. The earth is our home and right now there are so many different kinds of pollution. The governments and the courts are doing their part by making and enforcing laws, but it really comes down to the public of our country. The public has a perception that it’s someone else’s job to clean up, but it is we who have polluted the earth and we will have to clean it up. So we are organising this yatra which will pass through many states and cities and spread awareness about the increasing levels of pollution.”

The 2,510 km trek will start from Gomukh on 2 October and end at Ganga Sagar 100 days later on 10 January after passing through Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Sharma has already had over 100 applications by volunteers who want to make this journey and help spread awareness about environmental causes and has asked young and sturdy men and women to take time out and join the trek, either for the full stretch or a few days and help spread awareness about the poor condition of the Himalayan region and its effect on the rivers.


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