Bihar’s top girls’ college turns fashion police

Bihar’s top girls’ college turns fashion police

By ABHINANDAN MISHRA | New Delhi | 14 August, 2016

Girl students have been barred from wearing jeans and leggings in the prestigious Magadh Mahila College of Patna—the alma mater of noted dignitaries, high court judges and a host of renowned civil servants across the country—from 16 August after a student of BA English Honours was found to be wearing a short, pink transparent T-shirt that had “I love you” printed on it. Later, the college principal, Asha Singh launched a hunt for girls wearing similar dress.  It was found that about two dozen girls, all in final year in political science and commerce departments, were wearing “transparent, vulgar dresses”, thus defying the stipulated uniform of a salwar-kurti and dupatta that was prescribed by the college administration.

The girls’ uniforms were found in their bags leading to suspicion among the teachers that they might have left their homes in uniforms, but changed to “obscene” dresses before entering college. In an office notice that was issued on Friday by the principal’s office, the college administration has warned the students from wearing jeans or leggings or be ready to pay a fine of Rs 1,000 in case they are found to be wearing the prohibited dress.

Those who defy the dress code second time will be rusticated from the college. As per the notice, only salwar-kurta-duppata and the college blazer will be allowed in the college. College based sources said that one of the teachers “caught” the young girl who was wearing the shorts before she could enter the class and then took her to the office of the principal, Asha Singh. The parents of the girl were summoned to the college. Speaking to the Sunday Guardian, Asha Singh said that she was “forced” to take this decision in the interest of the 5,000 girl students who are studying in the college.


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