‘Defective’ Renault cars irk customers

‘Defective’ Renault cars irk customers

By AREEBA FALAK | NEW DELHI | 11 September, 2016

Some customers of “defective” Renault cars are disappointed with the company’s after-sales services. Helpless buyers of Renault Fluence approached The Sunday Guardian and claimed that they were sold defective cars that have spent more time in a service centre than a car is supposed to. Renault India’s corporate communications department promised to respond, but did not despite repeated attempts by this paper to elicit their reaction.

Sudhanshu Rai, a Delhi-based businessman who bought a Renault Fluence in 2014 said, “I am really not sure if I bought a car to use it or get it serviced every second month. Soon after I bought the car, it started acting-up. Within six days, the engine started malfunctioning. When I informed the Renault team, they were unable to detect the fault.” Nikhil Singhal, another Delhi-based businessman, also has many complaints against Renault. He said, “My car’s engine is defective; why else would a brand new car stop in the middle of the road? I have spent over Rs 2 lakh on my car’s servicing since I bought it in 2014. Every time my Renault Fluence car goes into a service centre, it costs me at least Rs 30,000-40,000.” When I got my car evaluated recently, Renault people said that its current price is around Rs 5-5.5 lakh. I have lost faith in Renault India.”

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