India, U.S. will hold military exercises near China border

India, U.S. will hold military exercises near China border

By Ashish Singh | NEW DELHI | 11 September, 2016
Yudh Abhyas, which will be held at Chaubuttia in Uttarakhand, has been planned keeping in mind the features of Line of Control and Line of Actual Control.

The Armies of India and the United States are all set to flex their muscles close to the India-China land border, just three months after Indian Navy sailed through the South China Sea in an affirmation of freedom of navigation in international waters. A total of 225 US Army soldiers are landing at Chaubuttia in Uttarakhand to start the two-week-long joint exercise called Yudh Abhyas, from 14 September. This is the 12th edition of the India-US joint exercise and the first in an area close to the border with China. 

“Interconnectivity and interdependence are the new global order, interoperability and jointness as being applied in Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2016 are the new military essentials,” Lt Gen Balwant Singh Negi, GOC in C Central Command, told The Sunday Guardian.

India’s military and strategic ties with the United States are growing rapidly. The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) signed between US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and his Indian counterpart Manohar Parrikar just a couple of weeks ago was a major step to curb firepower from likely threats. LEMOA has created a formal platform between India and the US to mutually use each other’s military bases and other facilities. With a trilateral joint exercise called Malabar involving Indian, US and Japanese Navies in June this year, India had sent a strong message to China that it would not allow any country to control the South China Sea. Yudh Abhyas is an extension of the same message of freedom from fear of threat by forces inimical to democracy and forces backing terrorism. 

Lt Gen Rajan Ravindran, Chief of Staff, HQ Central Command, told this newspaper, “Exercise Yudh Abhyas-2016, the Indo-US joint exercise is a giant step for the armies of two great democratic nations to train and gain from each other’s rich operational experiences.”

Yudh Abhyas will be the first India-US exercise after LEMOA came into existence. The Chaubuttia military station near Ranikhet is situated just over 100 km away from the India-China border. Yudh Abhyas will start with the unfurling of the national flags of India and the US, apart from the playing of the two countries’ national anthems, Jana Gana Mana and the Star Spangled Banner, respectively. The US contingent will have soldiers from the 5th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade combat team and 7th Infantry Division of the US Army, while an equal strength of 225 soldiers from the Indian Army will be from the 14th Battalion of the Garhwal Rifles and the 12thBattalion of the Madras Regiment. 14 Garhwal Rifles will engage US Army soldiers in command post exercises and 12 Madras Regiment in field exercises.

An official from the US embassy told The Sunday Guardian, “Yudh Abhyas will be an excellent opportunity for US and Indian forces to share tactics, techniques, procedures and operational experiences. Yudh Abhyas is also an opportunity to broaden US-India military cooperation and enhance interoperability. The US side sincerely appreciates the excellent hospitality and amazing logistics support provided by the Indian Army in the lead up to the exercise.”

Yudh Abhyas has been strategically planned by the Ministry of Defence keeping in mind the features of the Line of Control, which India shares with Pakistan and the Line of Actual Control, which India shares with China. The exercise will be conducted in the heavily forested areas of Chaubattia, where the heights range from 6,000 feet to 8,000 feet. The exercise will begin with a difficult march of approximately 6 km with complete battle loads of almost 30 kg on each soldier. Then the soldiers of both the Armies will familiarise themselves with each other’s organisational structures, weapons and tactical drills. To simulate a counter insurgency and counter terrorism environment, the tactical part of the exercise will include “raid, cordon and search” operations, with the emphasis on using state of the art equipment for surveillance, tracking and identification of terrorists, using specialist weapons, sensing and neutralising IEDs and establishing effective communications. In the last three days and two nights of Yudh Abhyas, the validation exercise will be conducted with troops being inducted by helicopters into a notional hostile area. The drill will be followed as per the UN mandate and both militaries are looking forward to the exercise. 

However, authoritative sources said that “There is no question of China being the focus, it is only because of geographical features and logistics that the region around Ranikhet was chosen for this long-planned exercise.” They add that “It is the policy of both the US and India to seek to have a friendly and cooperative relationship with a major trading partner, China.”

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This good news, we should show that if required we can bring third party to battle field. The two way attact on india not very easy to handle.

the news is interesting and i m glad to hear it

China wants to control the whole world just like it strangles its own citizens. Military co-operation will USA can send them the required signals not to poke their nose into India with or without Pakis. Fantastic, Thanks to Modji & ParrikarJi for facilitating this.

India must ensure peace, security, prosperity, development and stability for itself;region and the world via strategic alliances, diplomacy, cultural, educational exchanges and friendship with partners such as USA, UK, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, Asian and African countries. The dictum must be: Peace NOT War.

This is new polarization of the world for dangerous sIGN for war Russia, China, Pakistan, north koria vrs US, India, Japan, France..

Well, there are other places to conduct anti terrorist training, but then India in their smart move wanted to conduct next to China. The world is not clueless. India look at the situation in Libya, Iraq and now Syria, who and what country is the main causing and provoking the problem. At one time the Country India were sanction by the West for it nuclear test and India hasn't learned its lesson. India, time to open your eyes and ears. If you wanted to conduct anti terrorist training, why China is not invited. Inviting China is a better solution than inviting US. Remember, one is you neighbor which you will live with for many years and one is an instigator which telling you to provoke problem while they stand on the side waiting to smack your country to due equipment shortage.

more democracy against the Beijing Communist imperialism. Now a Cia enhanced trains with the brave Indian army on military training station of Chaubuttia in the State of Uttarakhand. Close to the Chinese border in Tibet occupied. Where butchered some 3,000,000 of Tibetans. The politburo of the Chinese PC is so stupid that this uniting enemies in a block only.

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