National Railway Museum has seen a massive facelift

National Railway Museum has seen a massive facelift

By The Sunday Guardian | | 11 September, 2016


The National Railway Museum has had a major face-lift over the past two years. It has seen the renovation of its indoor gallery, restoration of several of its antique trains and engines along with the induction of modern technology and interactive gadgets to exhibit the rich heritage of the Indian railways.

The museum is also collaborating with tech giant Google to create a “Google cultural Institute” that will showcase the “extravagant heritage” of the Indian railways on a digital platform and would also include a 360 degree view of the museum on a global platform.
As part of the renovation, the museum has built an indoor and outdoor railway model gallery. The outdoor railway model showcases the railway route from New Delhi station to the Chennai Station, replicating actual train movements, traffic management and model stations. The indoor railway gallery showcases the railways’ journey from its introduction in India to its future plans, including operations of bullet trains.

In addition, the museum has also built three simulators — Steam Locomotive, Diesel Locomotive and a passenger coach simulator — for visitors to enjoy the experience of driving a train in a simulated original setting.

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