Delhi zoo opens ‘hibernating’ reptile park in winter

Delhi zoo opens ‘hibernating’ reptile park in winter

By ANDREW AMSAN | NEW DELHI | 12 January, 2013

The Delhi Zoo has opened a reptile park for the public in the middle of deep winter, when reptiles are hibernating in their burrows. "As it will be difficult to catch a glimpse of the reptiles, we have kept models of the reptiles, which are highly informative," said Riyaz Khan, curator of the Delhi Zoo.

One of the visitors at the reptile park told this newspaper that while the initiative to open the park was a welcome move, but his children were terribly disappointed because they could not get to see any reptiles. "I understand it is a natural process but my children are disappointed to see empty enclosures," said Sanjay Gupta, a logistics officer, who came with his two children. "Everything is empty over here," said another visitor.

"Special arrangements like heaters and thermometers have been made to keep the cold-blooded animals as comfortable as possible," Riyaz said. But that has not made the reptiles come out of their enclosures.

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